Just Like Old Times

12 05 2010


-11 Years

-4 Wives

-5 Children

-Numerous Jobs

-Countless Guitars

-Miles and Miles of Travel

-Funyuns and Yoohoo

-The Milk Challenge

-Being “shooshed”

-Sloppy at Best

Here we all are. No worse for the wear and living amazing lives. The DoL (original) BandFamManCationGolfLakeCookOutTacular took place this weekend and it was an amazingly fun time of catching up and spending time just relaxing. The golf was good, the beer was cold, the lake was amazing, and the stories were hilarious and filled with the lifetime of adventures we’ve already had and none of us are even halfway through our thirties yet. I am excited about this becoming a new tradition because I truly love my “band fam” and have missed us all being together over the years. As Loretta Lynn once said “We’ve come a long way baby!”




3 responses

12 05 2010
Laura Mc Fee

How fun! Trips like that are good for the soul…looks like y’all had a blast

12 05 2010

You left out:

– plentiful pillow fights

– collective cuddles

– 3 secret man crushes

– 2 pterodactyl noises

I think that covers it.

14 05 2010
Laura M.

And I am so glad that the ladies got to be a part of it all, hopefully Stephanie can join us next time!

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