Paging Dr. Shephard

7 04 2010

Or: “How I Learned to Stop Being A Sucker For LOST”

So if we are Twitter friends it is no surprise that I have reached a point in my television viewing where I no longer care for the show LOST. Now LOST is one of the shows that my brother JMG put me onto and I watched the first few seasons on DVD and was hooked. The stories were great, the writing was great and there was just enough mystery to make you want to know what was happening without cheesing you out. Then something terrible happened, the writers decided when the show was going to end. I firmly believe that by putting a finite ending point on the show they were then forced to start dealing with issues that had cropped up throughout the first seasons and thus resulting in them taking a side trip into CRAZYTOWN. I like sci-fi just fine and have enjoyed shows with that bent over the years, but this just went too far. LOST reached a point where anything was possible and honestly you weren’t surprised. Someone is dead and then all of a sudden they aren’t dead? Sure thing! God and the Devil hanging out on the island playing games of chess with people walking around? You betcha! Time travel where an entire island gets sucked into the time/space continuum and pops back up in the seventies where the only cure for the Marty McFly Blues is to blow up a nuclear bomb and everyone will be fine? Great scott (1.21 Jigawatts)!! If I turned on an episode right now and Jack peeled off his face and had a lizard mug and was wearing a uniform from the “V” high command I wouldn’t be at all shocked or even bat an eye.

All of my sarcasm aside, I truly believe the cap on the show forced the writers hand in a way that ended up hurting the show. I believed, when I heard that they had a target end date, that it would be a great thing for them to be able to know where they were going. It just hasn’t happened. Now I know my good dear friend LLCOOLL believes that I am simply spewing hatred against LOST because I get my jollies out of it but the truth be told I gave it what I believe to be more than its fair shot and I kept getting fooled by the boy who cried wolf. So I’m done with LOST. I’m not saying I’ll never finish the series ever in my life because I’m sure one day someone will buy it and I’ll reach a point where curiosity will get the better of me, but right now is not that time. So I truly truly TRULY want those of you who read this to enjoy the rest of the series and I hope that it is everything you ever wanted it to  be, but as for me and my house we will move on to all of the other mindless TV shows we watch.





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7 04 2010

Nick, I love that you posted this. I’m going to finish it just because there are so few episodes left, but you did a great job of expressing my frustration with last season and the current season. I feel like I have been more than open minded and I WANT to like it. A certain person that I live with gives me a hard time and thinks I don’t like it cause I’m a girl and LOST has decided to just go all sci-fi, but he forgets that I am the one who got HIM to watch the show in the first place. I was the one who was initially *obsessed* with LOST and watched the first three seasons TWICE in a row over the course of a month when I first discovered it. I’m fine with sci fi and you prove its not just because I’m a girl.

I agree – it’s gone so bat*#$% crazy that nothing is shocking and nothing makes sense. I hadn’t thought about it, but maybe you are right about the “date certain.” Anyway, I’m really not a hater. Every episode, I really want it to be like the first 3 or 4 seasons, but its not.

That said, I apparently, at least like this season more than you do, which is something.

7 04 2010

Well I have said all along that good or bad, up or down, bust or boom I am in the show for the long haul….With only a handfull of episodes left till the bitter end I think I can hang along till then…
I do want to say that I agree with you about this and we have had many discussions about the show and the direction ….
All great shows have their low moments, season 5 of the West Wing, Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch……and I did stray from WW that year but I came back because the show came back strong in seasons 6 and 7.
My interest in the last few weeks of LOST has been, ummm different ?? I would say but as a wise man once said …”We gotta go back Kate…We GOTTA GO BACK”
I can only encourage you to reconsider your stance and go all in these last 6-7 weeks …
We need you brotha !! 🙂

7 04 2010

so which way would you like it? no end date set and the story continuing to spiral out into weirder directions with no end in sight? or an end date where the story is still all sorts of crazy but you are absolutely affirmed that you will get answers? not ALL the answers (because that would just be like reading text out of a history book), but enough answers.

they HAD to put a cap on the show. its the quintessential problem with American TV: shows don’t know when to quit. 24 (from all accounts, since i don’t watch it) lost its spark long ago and in mid-season, announced this was it. a show like, say, FlashForward HAS to have an end date, otherwise, its just going to be stupid and suddenly, mid-season, they quit and dump everything out and its over.

i think the problem folks are having (fairly? unfairly?) is that they’re not putting enough faith in the writers/creators. there’s an extremely long tail to the whole story and (perhaps call it fan-boyism) i’ve read and listened enough to the people who make the show to put my trust that they know exactly what they’re doing. so even if something suddenly goes batsh*tty, i know there’s a purpose to it and i know that ultimately, it all will play out to a grand end game that they specifically are pointing towards.

i also think that those of us (and you were one of them) who obsessed over minutia and salivated at tiny details and long, drawn out discussions simply needed to take a step back and then a step forward and trust in the direction. i’ve really cut back (WAY back) on my theorizing and scouring for details and clue hunting and decided its time to enjoy the ride from here on out. going into the season, there wasn’t an off shoot game to vex over and honestly, i’ve been to lostpedia maybe… five times?… all season. i still listen to the Jay & Jack podcast, but quite honestly, its become tiresome to hear folks call in with their wacko theories because i feel i’m enjoying more by just sitting back and taking it all in.

an episode like tonight, while still really shrouded in “wtf” is starting to crack the veil of “wtf”ness into “i can see the light now.” at this point, i honestly could care less about whether you or anyone else decides to watch it play out because its just like politics: i’ve made up my mind, you’ve made up yours and i don’t think there’s any sense in trying to drag one or the other over to the other side.

it just kinda’ sucks that we can’t all have the fun times we had before.

7 04 2010

i agree that it sucks that we aren’t all enjoying it – especially since the H’s were super late to the party and didn’t get into it until 2006. also, i don’t think having an end date or not having one is an excuse for the problems i’m having with the show. i don’t think anyone is suggesting that it should’ve gone on indefninitely. i’m actually relieved that good, bad, or ugly, this is the last season. i’m reserving ultimate judgment until the series finale, but i find it unlikely that being unimpressed with at least a season and a half could be rectified in the few episodes that are left… but, i’ll be watching.

7 04 2010

I will say that the “you don’t like it because you’re a girl” could still apply to NIck.

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