Paging Dr. Shephard

7 04 2010

Or: “How I Learned to Stop Being A Sucker For LOST”

So if we are Twitter friends it is no surprise that I have reached a point in my television viewing where I no longer care for the show LOST. Now LOST is one of the shows that my brother JMG put me onto and I watched the first few seasons on DVD and was hooked. The stories were great, the writing was great and there was just enough mystery to make you want to know what was happening without cheesing you out. Then something terrible happened, the writers decided when the show was going to end. I firmly believe that by putting a finite ending point on the show they were then forced to start dealing with issues that had cropped up throughout the first seasons and thus resulting in them taking a side trip into CRAZYTOWN. I like sci-fi just fine and have enjoyed shows with that bent over the years, but this just went too far. LOST reached a point where anything was possible and honestly you weren’t surprised. Someone is dead and then all of a sudden they aren’t dead? Sure thing! God and the Devil hanging out on the island playing games of chess with people walking around? You betcha! Time travel where an entire island gets sucked into the time/space continuum and pops back up in the seventies where the only cure for the Marty McFly Blues is to blow up a nuclear bomb and everyone will be fine? Great scott (1.21 Jigawatts)!! If I turned on an episode right now and Jack peeled off his face and had a lizard mug and was wearing a uniform from the “V” high command I wouldn’t be at all shocked or even bat an eye.

All of my sarcasm aside, I truly believe the cap on the show forced the writers hand in a way that ended up hurting the show. I believed, when I heard that they had a target end date, that it would be a great thing for them to be able to know where they were going. It just hasn’t happened. Now I know my good dear friend LLCOOLL believes that I am simply spewing hatred against LOST because I get my jollies out of it but the truth be told I gave it what I believe to be more than its fair shot and I kept getting fooled by the boy who cried wolf. So I’m done with LOST. I’m not saying I’ll never finish the series ever in my life because I’m sure one day someone will buy it and I’ll reach a point where curiosity will get the better of me, but right now is not that time. So I truly truly TRULY want those of you who read this to enjoy the rest of the series and I hope that it is everything you ever wanted it to ┬ábe, but as for me and my house we will move on to all of the other mindless TV shows we watch.