28 01 2010

So I know, I know…

All my big talk about blogging every day and this is where I am now. WAY BEHIND!! It makes me start to wonder if The H’s are right. Maybe blogging is dead (for the record I didn’t think I believed that). When I look at my sad little blog roll with the exception of JMG and Steph G no one really writes blogs any more. And not to detract from LL Cool Lucas but most of his blogs these days are more of snippets, clips, videos, etc…as opposed to written out posts and thoughts. That pretty much does it for my list of folks who still actively blog. I don’t know what this means for me, I don’t want to just give it up but I also find more lately that my life is busy and while I want to tell you about the things that are going on I have to also stop and think “they are busy too so why do they care”. Now that’s not an insensitive thing like I think you don’t like me I just think you have life happening for you too.

What does this all mean? I don’t know. It might mean that my promise to blog every day is dead, but you all basically knew that before I said it. I’m not giving up, I’m just not sure I’ve got a lot worth saying on here any more. I think I’ve become more of a “beer and backporch” (personal interaction) kind of guy, electronic socialization is just sort of…to borrow a phrase…MEH




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28 01 2010


28 01 2010

It just feels like microblogging has taken over. If I’m on twitter all day long with you guys – it’s just redundant to sit down and recap.

Don’t beat yourself up. You could adopt Mr. LL’s approach and just blog your tweets & FB updates – one stop shopping.

hey, at least i still check blogs. sometimes. that’s more than I can say for mr. h. i don’t want to miss a cute twin baby video or something important.

28 01 2010

also, why are your last two blog posts both entitled “balloons!!”?

29 01 2010

I hate to see it all come to an end …perhaps I need to fold camp also and head off into the sunset and just post weight loss stuff on Twitter but if I commit fully to Twitter then in some way Mr Lucas is winning and I am not sure how comfortable I am with that …
Its almost like Lex Luthor defeats Superman !

29 01 2010

ha! wait. this isn’t one i want to win. NOOOOOOO.

29 01 2010

I for one, refuse to give up on blogs. I know that I have been terrible recently at both blogging and commenting, but know this. I read every blog. I don’t use Twitter. I flat out refuse. So all the little snipets and tidbits everyone else is getting…I’m missing out on. I love the pictures and videos of your girls, and I love the updates. I may be busy, and I may not always comment. But I’m still listening.

1 02 2010

let us not lose the hope! balloons!

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