Day By (Every Other) Day

11 01 2010

So it would seem that my goal of blogging every day has accidentally morphed into about every other day right now. I’m still striving for the every day thing but I haven’t quite developed a good routine for that yet.

We had a great weekend that was filled with the perfect amount of doing stuff and also being “lazy bones”. Yesterday was my first “MYF” in almost 2 years and just as usual things went wrong. From not having the correct adapter to use my computer with the projector to my not thinking about ordering food to feed these ravenously hungry teenagers who were at the church from 5:00-8:00 last night. Fortunately we had some nice parents who bailed us out with some Little Caesar’s pizza (I didn’t know LC’s was still around but I will say it was as good as I remember it). All in all a good night.

The girls have the crud of some form today so we will be venturing to the place that I like to store all my extra money that I can’t think of anything to do with…the pediatricians office. Our 11:30 appointment surely means we will probably get in to see the doctor sometime around Bastille Day, but I guess since I’m not qualified to fix their health issues I’ll shut my yapper and be thankful that I have a doctor to take them to. I just hope they name their new wing after me…something like “The Nick Mielke’s Amazing Baby Twins Paid for This Wing of Awesomeness” wing .

Oh well…have a great Monday!




2 responses

11 01 2010

You are not trying hard enough ….

12 01 2010

I’ve paid for at least two rooms in that wing.

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