8 01 2010

So I’m still struggling to be 100% with the blogging every day situation but I haven’t given up and I am still striving for the prize. As Bill Murray says in “What About Bob?” it is all about baby steps. Baby steps to the blogging, baby steps to the whatever the next thing is.

Speaking of struggles…I don’t know why it is that so many people have an issue with an Auburn fan pulling against Alabama. Rivalries work that way, they always have. I have had people try to tell me that it is good for Auburn if Alabama were to win the National Championship (which they did and it is not). In fact I even had one person try to tell me that it is good for Auburn’s RECRUITING if Alabama wins the NC. All I want to know from that person is “what color are the clouds in your world?” I mean really? I am in no way being a jerk and I have no malice in my heart when I say I want Alabama to ALWAYS lose. Its just a simple fact. I’m an Auburn fan and that is how it is, and I take no offense whatsoever to Alabama fans who feel the same way towards me. It is how it is supposed to be. It doesn’t make me a poor sport or anything else. Anyhow, I’ve spent too much time talking about this already.

And finally…my wonderful Mrs. M has put up a new video that she created of the girls playing outside. I will direct you HERE to view it (as I will not post it on my blog and take any credit because she did it all herself. Enjoy and happy weekend to you!




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8 01 2010

well said, my friend. rivalries are fun and that is how they work. WDE!

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