Blogging Day 2

5 01 2010

So I’m getting ready to turn in for the night and I remember that I am working on a new system of writing a blog a day. I said yesterday that sometimes it won’t be much and other times I’ll have something that I think to be of some sort of interest. Tonight is one of those days when I don’t have a whole lot. Today was my first day at the new job in Prattville and it was nice. Lots to get into right away but that is what makes it fun.

As most anyone is aware right now it is REALLY COLD outside. Let me just state for the record (in case you haven’t heard) I LOVE THIS COLD WEATHER!! I feel like there is an extra spring in my step when its cold like this. I like the crispness of a cold day, the slight sting on your cheeks in the frosty air. Cold weather is where its at in my opinion. Here’s what I do know about cold weather in Montgomery right now though, don’t bother trying to buy firewood or ski hats (some would call them beanies…others would call them that other name which is INCORRECT). They aren’t available now because well EVERYONE wants them. At Home Depot today I heard an employee tell a man they have gone through 5 crates of the plastic covers you put on your outside faucets since this past weekend. Crazy!

So that’s my 2 cents for tonight!




One response

7 01 2010

Hmmmmmm…..I turn in here to see a new blog and I get nothing …

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