Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

3 01 2010

So as always I am woefully behind on the writing of the blogs. There has been much ado about everything lately and I almost don’t know where to begin. Actually I’ll begin with the most recent and attempt to work my way backwards until at some point either a) you don’t care anymore and stop reading, or b) I have forgotten what I am talking about and just give up and lay my head down on the table.

-Starting January 1, 2010 (pronounced “twenty-ten” NOT “two-thousand and ten”…get it right or pay the price) I will be the Director of Youth Ministries at First UMC in Prattville, Alabama. This will mean a transition out of my job as Conference Youth Director which is both sad and very exciting at the same time (much more exciting of course). It will be a gradual transition and I actually will be essentially working both jobs throughout all of January and then hopefully still be used for ‘contract work’ on various things over the coming months. FUMC in P’ville is a great church with STRONG parental and volunteer support for its youth program. The church has been through some changes lately but I believe it is poised to grow and become even better than it already is and I am excited to come alongside their youth in that journey.

-We had a WONDERFUL Christmas spent with family, friends, and our sweet wonderful babies. We managed to balance the Christmas season just right so that there was the right amount of travel to see family mixed with being home to begin starting our own traditions with Harper & Lily. We went and saw Christmas lights, we drank good coffee, and spent time with friends. It truly was the best Christmas ever. I can’t wait to do it all again this year.

-The beginning of Christmas week Laura and the girls were out to do so some shopping at Eastchase and ended up getting in an automobile accident. Fortunately for all the humans involved no one was hurt, unfortunately for the vehicles involved the news was not quite so great. Laura’s Jetta was hit by an elderly lady driving a Suburban that was doing about 30 mph and since it was a glancing blow the damage was not nearly as bad as it could have been had she been hit head on. The damage however was significant enough that the battery had to be disabled and the car had to be towed off to be repaired. She is currently rolling around town in a Chevy HHR (which feels a lot like driving either a) a vehicle from MarioKart where I feel like there should be a gorilla seated right behind me throwing turtle shells at people, or b) some new version of the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters). It will be nice to get the VW back soon!

As predicted this blog was originally started 4 days ago and left to “draft” and here I am not attempting to finish it. I know I had other things I was going to write about in my backwards timeline of the holidays but now all those things have left me. So here is where I am and where I will leave the rest of this post for the time being.

-We visited FUMC Prattville today for our first Sunday morning worship experience and I am every excited to be apart of that family and serving with their other very talented staff and ministers as a community of faith. Starting tomorrow I will be working both of my jobs through January and will see me doing a good bit of back and forth between Interstate Park and downtown Prattville.

-You all know about the very inspirational journey that a certain JMG is on with his weight loss. I want to be the first (even though I guess I’m not really first since he’s been at it for a while) to say I could not be more proud of him for his hard work and excited for him about the bright future that is ahead of him. One part of his “lifestyle change” that he has been really faithful to has been his blogging every day. In this new year I am taking inspiration from him and am going to make it my goal to write a blog post every day. It might not always be the most in-depth or interesting post but it will be an exercise in writing (something I love to do) and also discipline of keeping this blog lively. Because I would like to take the opposing stance of my dear friend Mr. H whom I believe to be utterly brilliant but I do not believe that “blogging is dead” (a note that both he AND his Mrs. could take and get back on the wagon).




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4 01 2010

great goal to set… i’ll try to do the same especially now that I have a computer again! i do miss my jetta so much. i said i feel like i should be driving the Prime Minister around in the HHR… that is how it feels!

5 01 2010

what a way to end the year!! “finished” with school and a great new gig…congrats!

5 01 2010

I really am the best !!!!

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