This Blog is NOT Closed

2 12 2009

Contrary to popular belief I am still an active supporter of this blog. The problem is I am now in my last full week of graduate school (at least until the next time I decide I want another degree…hello law school in my future?) and I have a LOT of crap to get done. Now I will not list off for you all I have to do because really you don’t care and it might elicit slight feelings of pity for me of which I am not deserving. I have procrastinated this semester and I know it. I have chosen to do things that I deemed more important than work on school work and now it is biting me in the ass. I will finish and I will be just fine but because I put it off I am now stressed and dealing with the fall out. It all comes back around. I do hope you all have had a LOVELY Thanksgiving and are super jazzed about the Christmas season (I know I sure will be next Wednesday on). Please look for more consistent and quality (at least I hope it will be quality) coming 1 week from today.





One response

3 12 2009

hey, at least you check in to let people know you are still alive. i’m pretty sure my blog IS now closed. haha

ALSO, congrats on being so close to finished!!!

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