1.21 Jigawatts

19 11 2009

GREAT SCOTT! I haven’t blogged in a while. I really have not forgotten you (not that you really missed me either) I’ve just been caught up in a massive amount of goings on lately between family, work, and trying to finish up school. Have I mentioned that I am now 3 WEEKS away from being DONE for real now. Granted, I will have to take my Comprehensive Exams in the spring but I won’t have to actually spend the semester sitting in a classroom two nights a week (three hours a night) for the first time in three and a half years! It’s going to be a LONG three weeks getting there (not to mention the three papers, two finals, and a presentation that I have to do) especially considering I have…you know…a job, and kids and a wife and stuff.

John Mayer-Battle Studies: (an early review) Many of you are aware that I have a musical man crush on a certain John Mayer and have always been a huge fan of his music. There are so many levels where I am amazed by his talent (songwriting, guitar playing, vocals, he really can do it all…if you don’t believe me listen to him sing standards with Chris Botti). Yesterday saw the release of his current album “Battle Studies” and upon the first few listens I can say right away that it is definitely not Continuum, but that is also not necessarily a bad thing. This album steps away from his bluesy persona to get back to a place that focuses more on basic pop sensibilities. In several songs he definitely pulls in a slight 70’s Fleetwood Mac vibe. Some standout songs right off the bat are “Assassin”, “Half of My Heart” (with Lil Tay-Tay), and “I’m On Fire” (Springsteen cover). More thoughts to come soon.

I’m heading to Atlanta this weekend for the National Youth Workers Convention which should be a good time of networking, and learning some new stuff to help me as I continue to work to resource the youth directors of the good ole AWF. One of the things that I am looking very much forward to is hearing Donald Miller speak while we are there. I am about 3/4 of the way through his latest book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” and have really been thinking about life as story (more to come on that in a post very soon). Not having read the last fourth of the book I highly recommend it to you to pick up and read for yourself (assuming there is not a zombie uprising or worse yet Sarah Palin as President in the last fourth).

The girls had their 18 month check up yesterday and they are doing great. Both are still under 19 pounds but their health is great and aside from some little colds and slight ear infections we have been remarkably healthy to this point in the flu/cold season so hopefully we will stay that way. They are both walking now and it is so fun to watch them interact with the world in completely new ways.

I have been watching TBL with Mrs. M this year and have also been keeping very close tabs on a certain KICK ACE partner in crime o’ mine who has been doing some amazing things in the area of health and weight loss lately. Being in the position of observer of all of this I had a slight revelation tonight (nothing earth shaking and certainly NOT to brag in ANY way). I see these folks on TBL, particularly the men, who bust their butts for a week and lose 10-15 pounds and that is great and I am so happy for them and what that means for their life. What this also does to me though is point out how lazy I am and how little effort it would take for me to get to the shape I want to be in. I am by no means overweight or anything but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gained that middle section that just doesn’t sit right on my skinny arms and legs. I know full well that I could stop drinking soft drinks for two weeks and stop eating the crap foods that I eat and lose 10 pounds without ever stepping foot inside a gym. Is this fair? I’m sure its not but its a realization to me that I just have to stop being so selfish and lacking in self-control and say “if this is what you want then this is what it takes” (and for me its not even anything hard which is why I am ashamed at my laziness). This thought turned into a bit of a ramble so if you stuck in there I applaud you. Basically I just need to stop being a lazy ass and everything will be fine.

People were losing their minds earlier this week about how President Obama bowed to the Emperor of Japan when he was there for his trip this week. Really? REALLY? I mean should we really think that we’ve just ceded our entire foothold on the world because he decided to show some respect to someone in a position that garners a level of respect? I know “we” as Americans seem to think that everyone should be bowing down to us but first of all that is CRAP, and secondly we can’t all be so suave as to Yak in the Prime Minister’s lap at dinner. Whatever.

Alright I’m out of here for now, but I’ll check back in over the weekend from Atlanta. So long for now.


Where I Have Been

4 11 2009

A before and after from DoL boys weekend o’ funliness!!

DoL boys(Days of Lot circa 2000)

PA170300(Days of Lot circa 2009)

The weekend that Brian, Lane, Jonathan, and me spent playing golf and watching football was a wonderful one. It was too long coming but worth the wait and guaranteed not to be nearly as long before we do it again. It is a true testament to me about real genuine friends who can be apart from one another for so long and yet when reunited pick right back up like you just saw one another the day before. A big thanks goes out from me to these guys for a great weekend!

PA250352(The crew from MWITW)

The weekend after I got to spend time with the DoL boys I was privileged to go with another group of guys to a cabin near Murphy, NC for a weekend that was dubbed MWITW (Man Weekend In The Woods). The weekend was spent making fires, drinking hard liquor, and watching football (or in our case screaming at the TV until its not fun anymore). We went over to Asheville for the day for a lunch time rendezvous with everyone’s favorite Pizzeria & Taproom. Once again a GREAT time was had by all.

IMG_3534(The M’s first family vacation-beach style)

This past weekend (more like Wednesday to Sunday) Mrs. M, the little nuggets, and myself got to spend an amazing 4 days down in Destin having lots of fun and enjoying LOTS of time relaxing and doing nothing at all. As they say in “Office Space” “I did nothing and it was everything I hoped it could be.”

Needless to say I was gone a LOT in October (the above three weekends only represent fun things that I did it doesn’t even include the fact that I was gone to Charleston for a week for work, as well as almost another full week of days traveling to various parts of the Conference). And I am also still spending two nights a week (about 3-3.5 hours each night) in class. To say the least I am looking forward to November being slower than October, and also to January being MUCH slower because I will be done with school (save for my final Comprehensive Exams). Please do not hear me complaining at all, but just sharing how busy I’ve been (and also a thinly veiled excuse about why I haven’t been blogging as much lately). So I now end with pictures of my AMAZING babies from our trip last weekend.

IMG_3512(Lily dancing a silly jig)

IMG_3515(Harper smiling a sweet smile)