As It Was In The Days of Lot…

16 10 2009

…so it will be again this weekend. It has been a LONG time coming (and I’m currently still stuck waiting to leave) but the original Days of Lot boys are getting together for what I have now termed the “Weekend of Doom.” Said group of ‘boys’ have not been all together in one place since a certain event that was 4 years ago (see evidence in photo below).

nick laura original dol boys(the obscured head in the left of the picture is Mr. H and the beauty in the middle is a certain Mrs. M who will NOT be attending the DoL boys weekend seeing mostly as she is not a boy nor was she ever in the original DoL)

I had hoped to post a photo the us all in our glory days as a band but seeing as those days were COMPLETELY pre-digital photography it would appear that non of us have anything readily available for me to use. I will try to update this later in the weekend if I can find something to scan (or maybe I’ll do the “take a picture of a picture” move).

Our weekend looks to be filled with Rockband (what better way to relive the glory days than by playing fake instruments to notes that don’t actually match up to the songs), the Lake, golf, an Auburn game and probably our fair share of brews and stories about life. I can honestly say I have waited for this weekend for about 8 years now and I am SO looking forward to it. I will have a post-weekend post ready for you maybe sometime Sunday evening. In the meantime I hope you all have a great weekend but I bet it won’t be as great as mine.




2 responses

16 10 2009

What about the DOL ladies (the ones who married DOL members, and the rest of us who support you guys) get our reunion!? 😉 Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

17 10 2009

I hope you boys have fun. I’m doing my part to entertain M-Mac and pick up the 3am AG feeding!! Boy, how things have changed in ten years, huh?

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