A Post Long Overdue

23 09 2009


So I’ve been off the postings for about a month now. There has been plenty going on and I think the only fair thing for me to do in this “catching up” post is to not only do it in the style of “Bullet a la Maughry” but also to subcategorize so that if I hit on a category you don’t care about you can cruise right along. This is just me thinking about all of you. Enjoy!


-Auburn has started their football season and have jumped out to a 3-0 record. This is a good thing and definitely a little bit of a relief. There was a lot of turnover in the staff and that had the potential to derail a lot of things, but it would appear that there is a good team spirit and that they are all buying into the new head coach’s system. We do have a long way to go though. They need to start tackling better and we need to stay away from injuries because depth is where we get in trouble. It will be a mediocre year but its off to a good start so we will see what happens.

-Fantasy Football…this won’t take but a second but I am last in my league rankings and third in overall points accrued. This is in part because I’ve lost two weeks in a row and I have Drew Brees as my starting QB (he’s thrown for 9 TD’s in 2 games this year). Talk about bitter/sweet.

-Fun random fact of the day: Did you know that Jason Campbell (much dogged though he might be) is 2nd in NFL history in interceptions NOT thrown. Only 2 percent of his career passes have been interceptions.

Health and What Not

-I’m working on cutting WAY back my soda intake (if this is a song you’ve heard me sing before then I apologize). Now I’m not going to say I will never have one again because sometimes you just need a cold soft drink but as a general rule I consume way too many of them. JMG put it right on the target when he talked about how we consume so much sugar that it becomes a craving beyond the norm and I was in that place. I didn’t like waking up thinking “when can I get my first soda today”. I’m on coffee and water baby and its working alright.

-I’m also making a better go at eating breakfast. Nothing major because I still kind of have that morning queasy/don’t want to eat thing but so far Honey Nut Cheerios and a glass of O.J. are getting the job done. Coincidentally I think it helps with the morning sugar cravings too.

-Exercise is hard to come by in my adult life. I know its not my favorite to do but contrary to how it seems to some I don’t purposely avoid it, but with wife, babies, work, school and well trying to have a little bit of life in between all of that it is just hard to find time. I want to but haven’t found what works yet.

Work and School

-I’m almost at midterms ALREADY. When in the world did that happen? My classes are for the most part enjoyable although one of the drawbacks is having to drive from my house to Maxwell AFB for 3.5 hours of class two nights a week. This is inconvenient because unlike AUM, Maxwell isn’t anywhere near my house (or really anyone else’s house for that matter).

-Work is going well although between it and some personal obligations October is about to be crazy busy. Starting next week I am going to Charleston, SC and then pretty much wide open every week and weekend through the end of October.


-They are still amazing (I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that though). They are growing up SO quickly. They are chatting, pointing, mimicking, and learning new things every day and it is one of the most exciting things well basically…ever!

-Lily has started taking first steps (you can see that in the short video clip below) which means it won’t be long at all before she is full on walking and Harper will be right behind her.

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It’s Gameday!

5 09 2009

Football is back and we are SO excited!! War Eagle, and…well you know that other thing too!