Food Thursday

28 08 2009

It is Thursday and I made food, therefore I post about it.

Tonight’s menu came from Rachael Ray (whom I don’t typically like but her food is usually good). Mexican Lasagna was the dish du jour. It was very easy to make and included, among others, ground chicken, onion, black beans, corn, taco sauce, cheese, and tortillas (I used whole wheat). The dish turned out really great and as I said was very simple. I didn’t take step by step photos on this one but I do have three to share.


(the finished product)


(plated with a slight garnish of sauce)


(Mrs. M’s plate garnished with black bean and corn salsa)

-funny thing about the “garnish” both of the above plates were Mrs. M’s. I handed her the first one proud of what I had created and slightly geeking by putting a “garnish” swipe of taco sauce. When she decides she’s going to have some corn and black bean salsa I think “hey that doesn’t sound too bad.” When I turn back around I see that she has covered up my Top Chef style sauce swipe I say “hey you covered up my garnish.” To which I get the response “What do you mean? That red sauce on the plate? I thought that was just from the food.” I guess Tom and Padma would tell me I need to work on presentation…here’s hoping I don’t hear “please pack your knives and go.”




9 responses

28 08 2009

Looks delicious. In our household, we make a similar version. Maybe someday if you’re feeling veg you can try this one:

28 08 2009

Looks tasty Nick, I will have to try this one for the Mac household.

28 08 2009
Mary Tyler

Yum-O! ok I can’t believe I just typed that cause I hate RR.

28 08 2009

Looks delicious. For the record, I knew it was a garnish and was quite impressed until I saw the next picture where it was covered up at which point I felt stupid for thinking it was a garnish until I finished reading at which point I was again, impressed.

29 08 2009

First of all …RR is grating for sure but I also enjoy her food.
Second..Nice looking lasagna. I am sure there is a Garfield somewhere who would love it …
Third…I want the recipe so I can maybe make a lowfat version.
fourth-What is this Top Chef you all are talking about ?!?!?!!?

29 08 2009

OMG JMG YOU DO NOT WATCH TOP CHEF???????????????????????????????? How could we let this happen?

29 08 2009

I know I know LOL …Nick has tried for a long time and for some reason i just cant seem to commit to it ….maybe this year

30 08 2009

I LOVED the garnish and I knew exactly what it was. However, Tom and Padma would have definitely deducted for the presentation. We really should suggest they do an amateurs version of Top Chef next summer with sibling teams (you and me) instead of Masters version.

And I love RR’s food. You should look up and try her Tilapia with Browned Butter Balsamic drizzle and Farfalle with bacon and Marscapone sauce!

31 08 2009

Looks delicious!! I like RR’s recipes – they always looks so tasty, though I’ve never tried to make one myself.

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