Chef Boy-Are-Me

25 08 2009


(the master chef attempting to master cheffing)

I haven’t posted in a few days and since some of us are on a roll with blogging lately I thought I better throw a little something out there for the peeps. So here comes a food post. Enjoy!

Tonight I got antsy to test out some new ideas in the kitchen so it became experimental food night both with a basic recipe for fried shrimp and also a recipe I saw on TV for creamed spinach. So in two steps here we go:

1) Fried Shrimp-a few weeks back on the spur of the moment I made some fried chicken nuggets using what we had available making the breading out of crushed up ritz and saltine crackers. They turned out surprisingly well so I decided tonight to give that same basic mixture a go with shrimp instead. After crushing up the crackers I just dipped the shrimp in an egg wash and then the crumbs and gave them a quick fry. The second picture is actually of two different kinds of shrimp (the left side is the cracker breading the right side is some traditional bread crumbs). **Note: My father-in-law does this but instead of using crackers uses crushed up Lay’s potato chips and it is amazing.


(getting ready to start frying)


(left: cracker crumbs  right: breadcrumbs)

2) Creamed Spinach-before I started cooking tonight I was watching Food Network and saw this recipe that inspired me to give it a try. Now I will say up front as one who does not really like hot food I was already unsure of how this would ultimately turn out, but since Laura loves spicy food I thought we’d give it a try anyhow. Lesson learned, it was too spicy for me but I am excited to try it out again and leave out the crushed red pepper and maybe go with something a little less intense maybe roasted red peppers instead.


(sauteing onions and garlic for spinach)


(spinach almost ready)

So in the end I was very pleased with how the shrimp turned out. I preferred the cracker crumbs to the bread crumbs, they had a lighter texture that I liked better than the breadcrumbs. As for the spinach it was too hot for me, Mrs. M really enjoyed it but this is the woman that puts hot sauce on basically everything she eats. So the next round will have to be dialed down in terms of spice. The final picture says it all, it was good and I am glad I had an evening at home to try it all out. Bon apetit!


(final product)




6 responses

25 08 2009

i made pork chops with home made shake n’ bake mix tonight.

yeah, that’s all i’ve got.

25 08 2009

I like using crushed cherios or cornflakes for breading too!

25 08 2009

This looks amazing.

I love boys that cook. Last night Lane made an herb crusted cod that was incredible! I kind of regret not getting it documented.

25 08 2009

impressed. VERY impressed.

25 08 2009

Do you ever make real cheese grits? We eat them at dinner with grilled fish. So good.

25 08 2009

Very nice looking sstuff ….I want to add in some fish to my cooking at home also …
I still have a couple of pieces of fish from Alaska that I need to cook …
No dinner plans tonight outside home so I cooked a small roast I had …With Roasted red potatoes, turnip roots and mushrooms

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