Healthcare-Something to Scream About?

12 08 2009

I know many of you have been seeing a lot of these kinds of things going on lately and honestly I am left speechless by the way people behave. I mean two things really bother me: 1) People, grown people, act this way? I mean really do they? I compared this the other day to when a child sticks their fingers in their ears and scream “LALALALALALALA” at the top of their lungs, 2) I can’t believe (and this has been happening a lot more lately) that people can literally just make things up and people will believe them (read: death panels, losing your insurance, single payer system, the President is a socialist, the Birthers, etc…). The facts are out there but people instead just go on what they hear. IT BOGGLES THE MIND!

I am really to the point in my life where there is no point in getting cranked up about this, because when you encounter this special kind of crazy you can’t argue with it for you would be just a likely to win an argument with a wall. That’s why I share this video. Jon Stewart and TDS do it once again. Thank you for being the mirror to America in times like these.

Death panels? Really? People believe that? It’s like saying that from now on the government is going to let all of your tooth problems be handled by the tooth fairy.

PS-Have you noticed the people screaming the loudest about healthcare and how they are “coming to take your grandparents” are the ones that seem to have healthcare already? It is strange the 45 something million Americans who don’t have any healthcare/insurance aren’t speaking up more against this. Or maybe that is just me.

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12 08 2009

a cat getting a bath by a chimp really does sum it all up I think ….

13 08 2009

THANK YOU! I’ve been formulating a post on this very subject – don’t know if I will post it or not. But I get absolutely INFURIATED by the ignorance that accompanies these arguments. Good grief. (should I actually decide to post, spoiler alert: “If you think we shouldn’t have universal health care because all those “others” should get a job and pay for it themselves, come a little closer so I can smack you in the back of the head!”

13 08 2009

So, as a disclaimer, I’m not really a faithful daily kos reader… not sure if it is possible, but they are even a little to leftist partisan for me.

But my brother sent me the following from that website the other day. Sums it up perfectly I think:

“The sad thing is, they will likely think I’m serious with this rant and ask me to be their leader:

While we are at it why not protest against all “socialized” proposals in America. Let’s get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Veterans Affairs, public schools and universities, parks, the postal service, roads, police departments, fire departments, and libraries. There are so many horrible things in our lives provided through evil government socialized programs. Why stop at only destroying the possibility of all American citizens having the opportunity to access affordable health care? Let’s end funding for all of these public programs that are sponsored by the government! I don’t need any of these public services! I pay for my own private insurance, invest in the capitalist stock market, operated on my own leg after taking that bullet in the war, paid my way through private christian schools and went to Harvard, have picnics in my own backyard, only use FedEx, have an off-road vehicle so I don’t use those public roads, have a gun for protection and a big bucket of water for fires, and I don’t read books. Down with socialism! We must have pure capitalism! Every man for himself as God intended!!!!

John Boy”

14 08 2009

Are you serious, you use the Daily Show as a resource…how about maybe looking at the actual bill instead for the facts….come on!!!

14 08 2009
Nick M.

It would seem someone (whom I don’t know) clearly missed the point of this post.

14 08 2009

Clearly….but i say again a cat getting a bath from a chimp pretty much sums it all up

14 08 2009

I deeply apologize for missing the point, please clarify…

17 08 2009

I totally agree with the initial point that Nick seems to be trying to make…..some people you cant reach and say crazy things and dont act with class. Nick lost me when showing the daily show as summing it all up because of how one sided the video is. Alot of the people have been very respectful at the rallies and the extreme are the ones thats make the news and they are crazy. Regardless I want people to voice their opinion without name calling and without assuming. My main problem with all of this is that this happens on both sides and when one side does it the other thinks the other is crappy. I mean it seems a few people on here are saying be for it or you are an idiot….haha. Its just crazy…people are crazy…i am up for debate and voting on it. Obama isnt hitler and nor was Bush and neither is God either. They are politicians. Everyone drop it. Give me the facts and lets vote and the people who vote for the bills….represent the people. I see both sides easily and I wish most did…..just me writing this will get me labeled as a Bush guy like it usually does

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