The Verdict (and a baby video)

2 07 2009


So after spending about an hour and half at the dentist office the verdict is in. Let me first go ahead and say for those of you who were wondering from my previous post…this is embarrassing but we’re all friends here right…until today I hadn’t been to the dentist in 10 years. Okay, now that that is out of the way, and assuming you are still reading this and willing to be my friend…the end result is that I have 4 cavities. Not even major ones at that. I have 3 surface cavities and 1 regular run of the mill kind. I basically expected this, truth be told I expected much worse, but I firmly believe that if I had remained on an every 6 month or even once a year visit schedule this whole time that my no cavity streak would still be alive. Here I am 30 years old with the first cavities I’ve ever had. I guess I’m human after all.

Now on to something way better than teeth…BABIES!! We shot a little video footage this afternoon of the girls and I cobbled together this quick video for you all to see. The lion’s share of the video focuses on Lily and some of her new found mobility, but the last part is about Harper and how her sweet little face (even when sad and crying) can melt your heart. Enjoy!

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7 responses

2 07 2009

Love the video! Particularly the part at the end where Lily smacks Alli, “Outta my way pup! I’ve got some pulling up to do!” Your girls are incredibly cute, no doubt!

2 07 2009

Adorable! Life changes in a big hurry when they begin to move around on their own….

2 07 2009
The Bean

I had 2 cavities after my 5 year absence at the dentist. Oh well! I love the video. Sadly my volume is MIA at the moment so I will have to get Mr. Bean to fix it when he gets home. Lily is GREAT at pulling up. Baby Bean 2 doesn’t pull up he just lounges on his side propped up on his elbow. 😉

2 07 2009

Definitely the most precious thing I have seen in a while. I love “demolition lily” Can you imagine a year from now? They are going to be a force to reckon with!

2 07 2009

The fun has just begun! What a beautiful little family.

2 07 2009

Tell Lala that most DEFINITELY counts as a pull up!

10 07 2009

Send to my e-mail the video as I cannot access it due to ‘Streaming Restrictions’ from work – Go figure!

Love ya!

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