A Close Shave

17 06 2009

So tonight my wife convinced me to shave my face. This is the first time in 4 years that I have had a “naked face”. Enjoy the following pictures of the process.

1Looks like we are in it now.

2Standard goatee anyone?

3Making it happen

4Trying not to laugh

5Perhaps I could build you a motorcycle?

6Magnum. Thomas Magnum.

7Wait a second. What is this side view?

8“Hitler? Who said anything about Hitler?”

9And the finished product.

So a few things before I leave you to your hysterical laughing. Yes I know that I look twelve now. My face is stupid broken out right now. And, finally I remember now why I haven’t shaved in four years, just not a fan of myself without facial hair.

Anyhow. I know this will be the MOST pointless post you read today but thanks for tuning in and I’ll write something else soon (empty promises I know). Happy Wednesday!




6 responses

17 06 2009

Thank you Nick. Thank you.

You looked like Morgan Spurlock in the “motorcycle” one.

17 06 2009
The Bean

HA! That was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, you do look 12!

17 06 2009

Oh man. That was awesome. The ones with the molestach were my personal favorites.

What does laura have against your awesome facial hair?

17 06 2009

You are too funny! I happen to love the last picture of that good looking guy!

18 06 2009

Yeah ….Well, you see….I , Mean its like this …….you know , you could always…I dont know…Its gonnna grow…Well perhaps It could be worse…
Yeah all I got is …..

19 06 2009

Okay, this seriously made me laugh out loud. I love all the different “looks.” haha!

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