To Please My Fans

6 06 2009


It would appear my absence lately has been noticed and my adoring fans out there in blog world (all three of you) have cried out for more of me so here goes.

There’s been a lot going on at work the last few weeks as we are in the run up to Annual Conference (for those of you not versed in the ways of the UMC, annual conference is the annual legislative gathering of all the preachers and delegates in our conference). My job during the 3 days of conference revolves around keeping up with the youth pages and delegates (making sure they are where they are supposed to be, doing the job they are assigned, transporting from place to place, etc…). I am sure I will have something to write about at some point in the coming days but if you don’t hear from me again until Thursday it will be because all my free time has been spent there.

I am really enjoying the “class free” nature of my summer and it makes me very excited about finishing up with my grad school stuff in December and being done for a while. Having nights at home (more than one or two a week) has been a very welcome change. I do however have this little thing called a directed reading that is currently hanging over my head. Basically I have to read a couple books this summer and write reviews of them but as of press time (read: Saturday morning 9:40 a.m.) I haven’t found the motivation to get started doing that yet. I really need to because the summer will be gone in a flash.

Babies are doing wonderful as always. We are currently working on a new project, that being the search for a daycare. Our wonderful friend Lindsay, who kept them all of this last school year, is not going to be able to keep them in the fall so we are now trying to figure out what is next. This will most assuredly be a challenge especially on the financial end but as with everything else it will all work out.

A good friend of mine is getting married today in Auburn so I will be heading over to the “Loveliest Village” later on today and not only will that be fun but I will have the opportunity today to see my good friend DWhitaker which I am very excited about.

All for now, but I promise VERY soon you will have a new volume of “Things That Are Hurting America”.




4 responses

6 06 2009

Promises Promises ….We were promised more blog posts once school was out -NOTHING….
Now we are supposed to expect more AFTER annual conference is done ?? Fool me once shame on you …fool me twice shame on me !
just saying ….

6 06 2009

Did you ever consider that you might have a sea of fans but only three that are obnoxious enough to bust your b-lls for not posting??

At first I thought there would be more school free posting but I forgot all about AC. I’m sure that is really time consuming. For now, LM is kind of kicking your butt on the blog updating front. Obviously you’ll have to step it up to keep up with her over the summer.

Good luck with the day care thing. It really sucks that your old situation won’t work next year. I know what a blessing that was to have her.

6 06 2009

yay for posting again! i can’t wait for the lastest installment of Things That Are Hurting America.

i was going to be a page at the Washington AC, but that is also the same weekend as sweet baby Silas’ dedication. so guess which one wins out?

7 06 2009

I think Mary is just being WAYYYYYY nice about all this …tsk tsk ..

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