Some Blog Thoughts

30 06 2009


-It’s a busy week. I’ve got another big week long youth event starting on Monday which I really think will be very good but its getting there and then getting through the busyness of the week that is the drain right now.

-I am going to the dentist tomorrow for the first time in…well let’s just say its an embarrassing amount of time and odds are I’ve beaten all of you in time between visits. The thing I have going for me is that to this point in my life I’ve never had a cavity (now I am WELL aware that come tomorrow that streak could end), and I’m hoping that maybe genetically I am just one of those people with good teeth that will continue to keep that streak alive. I honestly am SCARED of going to the dentist. I think the only real reason why is because it has been so long. If everything goes well tomorrow and I get back on an every 6 months routine it will be fine.

-Did you know that one of my two recurring dreams is one where my teeth fall out? I know that this is supposed to represent anxiety or possibly being embarrassed or made a fool of, but I don’t really feel like either of those things are me (well except for my anxiety over tomorrow’s appointment-but I haven’t had the dream since that appointment was made). My fear, and I think thanks in part to the dream, is that tomorrow they will start doing the slightest little thing and my teeth will just start falling out. YIKES!

-My other recurring dream (I think I’ve mentioned this one before) involves being back in highschool and 1) not knowing the combination to my locker and thus not being able to get in and get the things I need for class, and 2) skipping an entire semesters worth of math class and then realizing that I have to show up and take the test (in case you didn’t know math is my “kryptonite” in real life).

-For those of you who don’t use Pandora Internet Radio in your office/home/whatever you need to start doing so immediately. I have used it for a while in my office but only yesterday discovered that they have an application for Blackberry that enables my using it on my phone. That coupled with our unlimited data plan means I’ve always got decent tunes nearby.

-I have a post on men’s clothing and fashion coming very soon (in the next 3 days) and think what you will about it, but it’s been something on my mind and a topic in our household as of late.

-I did go see Transformers 2 the other night and contrary to the critics I really liked it. My two main thoughts are 1) as LL said “this ain’t Citizen Kane, let’s take it for what it is”, its a movie about giant robot aliens that can disguise themselves as GM vehicles (you’d think it might be the other way around given the current state of GM) and fight one another all over the place…it’s a popcorn movie no questions about it. 2) it was too long, my single biggest critique of the movie is that they did in 2.5 hours what they could have effectively done in 1:45. But who am I kidding this is Michael Bay, I’m pretty sure he didn’t even cut the markers when he edited this bad boy together. Sometimes critics need to just get over themselves and watch a movie for what it is…big and loud!

-Hey look at that Al Franken got his seat and it only took 8 months to award it to him.

-Lily and Harper are both starting to move QUICKLY into the crawling phase of their lives. Lily has mastered the “commando crawl” and Harper is not far behind. I am going to get some footage up for you hopefully tonight so you can check it out.


I Feel Like A Woman’s Armpit

18 06 2009

or: “Further Thoughts on a Freshly Shorn Facial Unit”

**In the world famous bullet point list style**

  • I’ve been told by a reliable source that when a woman shaves her underarms (particularly during weather seasons that promote sleeveless attire that expose said underarm regions to the elements) there can be a solid bit of irritation that goes with it. That’s how my face has felt all day. Sweat, sun, heat, breathing, you name it my face has felt like its on fire.
  • Typically at my house when the Mrs. gets bored she re-arranges the furniture, this time she somehow convinced me to re-arrange my face. As a good friend told me “when I get bored I read a book”…I probably should go to the library more or something.
  • You ever buy new shoes and wear them out the first few times and feel like they are the largest brightest things that one has ever adorned their feet with? I mean the kind of things you are pretty sure are visible from space? That’s what my face feels like. Walking around it feels like I’ve got a neon white pair of Keds sticking out of my face.
  • Perhaps the most useless super power on earth that I have achieved with this shaving is that I can tell you exactly where every AC vent is in any possible room and where the air is blowing from.
  • I generally (and yes this is ridiculous…almost as much as the fact that I’ve devote not one but TWO posts to shaving my face) just don’t enjoy my face without facial hair. I remember now why its been 4 years since the last shave and will be at least 4 if not more before I do it again.

That’s all for now. I promise to try to not make the next post beard related.

A Close Shave

17 06 2009

So tonight my wife convinced me to shave my face. This is the first time in 4 years that I have had a “naked face”. Enjoy the following pictures of the process.

1Looks like we are in it now.

2Standard goatee anyone?

3Making it happen

4Trying not to laugh

5Perhaps I could build you a motorcycle?

6Magnum. Thomas Magnum.

7Wait a second. What is this side view?

8“Hitler? Who said anything about Hitler?”

9And the finished product.

So a few things before I leave you to your hysterical laughing. Yes I know that I look twelve now. My face is stupid broken out right now. And, finally I remember now why I haven’t shaved in four years, just not a fan of myself without facial hair.

Anyhow. I know this will be the MOST pointless post you read today but thanks for tuning in and I’ll write something else soon (empty promises I know). Happy Wednesday!

To Please My Fans

6 06 2009


It would appear my absence lately has been noticed and my adoring fans out there in blog world (all three of you) have cried out for more of me so here goes.

There’s been a lot going on at work the last few weeks as we are in the run up to Annual Conference (for those of you not versed in the ways of the UMC, annual conference is the annual legislative gathering of all the preachers and delegates in our conference). My job during the 3 days of conference revolves around keeping up with the youth pages and delegates (making sure they are where they are supposed to be, doing the job they are assigned, transporting from place to place, etc…). I am sure I will have something to write about at some point in the coming days but if you don’t hear from me again until Thursday it will be because all my free time has been spent there.

I am really enjoying the “class free” nature of my summer and it makes me very excited about finishing up with my grad school stuff in December and being done for a while. Having nights at home (more than one or two a week) has been a very welcome change. I do however have this little thing called a directed reading that is currently hanging over my head. Basically I have to read a couple books this summer and write reviews of them but as of press time (read: Saturday morning 9:40 a.m.) I haven’t found the motivation to get started doing that yet. I really need to because the summer will be gone in a flash.

Babies are doing wonderful as always. We are currently working on a new project, that being the search for a daycare. Our wonderful friend Lindsay, who kept them all of this last school year, is not going to be able to keep them in the fall so we are now trying to figure out what is next. This will most assuredly be a challenge especially on the financial end but as with everything else it will all work out.

A good friend of mine is getting married today in Auburn so I will be heading over to the “Loveliest Village” later on today and not only will that be fun but I will have the opportunity today to see my good friend DWhitaker which I am very excited about.

All for now, but I promise VERY soon you will have a new volume of “Things That Are Hurting America”.