Happy First Birthday!!

16 05 2009

(Most of you probably won’t read this until Saturday but that is still okay because Saturday is Party Day!!)

One year ago today my beautiful baby girls came into this world. They were early and they gave us a big scare but from then to today has been the most magnificent ride of any in my young life. They truly are the greatest of God’s blessings and I am so lucky to get to be their dad. Happy Birthday to Harper Elizabeth and Lily Martin Mielke!




and NOW:






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16 05 2009

’twas this time last year we were waking up during a trans-Atlantic flight to London, wondering what in the world was going on back home.

its a little crazy, and feels like forever ago.

16 05 2009

Awesome year! Happy birthday ladies 🙂

16 05 2009

Fantastic …I agree with Luke that is seems like YEARS ago that you were calling saying you were on your way to be with Laura for the births…
What a difference a year makes !!

16 05 2009

beautiful and beautiful!! happy birthday Harper and Lily!!! 🙂

16 05 2009

It does seem like a really long time. We were in the car with Leslie on vacation in Maine and I remember being so worried for you guys. God is so good. Look at those beautiful one year olds!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Girls!

17 05 2009

Happy Birthday Harper and Lily. You are proof of what an awesome God we have.

17 05 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 06 2009
Laura M.

ahem… it’s to do some posting.

5 06 2009

I always wait for someone else to post but YES …its time

6 06 2009

Do it. Do it. Do it.

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