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2 05 2009

So I have noticed that many of us in the blogdom have been absent or sparse in our posts lately and I think that aside from that fact that some of us are finishing Law School, finishing Seminary, going to Africa, living in Seattle, and incubating babies (that link was supposed to be for his Mrs. but her blog seems to have disappeared), I also just think that Spring time is a bad time for blogging. We are all enjoying being outside more and doing things more because we aren’t cooped up in the cold of winter. I for one have been trying to finish up my most challenging semester of Grad School yet and I am glad to say I’m almost there. I’ve got one more final to take on Tuesday evening and then it is going to be SUMMER sans classes for this guy! I am SO ready for that break.

Last night was the first night of 10 in a row that I was not gone from home. Between school, school projects, and my biggest work youth event of the year I have been a ghost in this joint. It was VERY nice to be home and just not do anything. Today I was off work using a “comp day” from working last weekend and took the girls to the babysitter so I could enact “Operation Backporch Revitalization”. With the help of THIS GUY I was able to do some much needed sprucing up and removal of junk and get it into prime spring shape (in fact I am blogging from said porch right now). Below are a couple of pics of before and after.





So that’s what I did today. I plan to spend a LOT of time this weekend on that very porch there. Tomorrow the plan is to load up the girls and go to the zoo for a while that should be fun times. Speaking of the girls, yes we still have them and YES they are growing like crazy mad fastness. Check out this pic below and I will see you all again on this blog very soon.






7 responses

2 05 2009

its true: the missus has deleted her blog.

we tried.

2 05 2009

the porch looks awesome! i’m relieved to see the beer fridge made the cut. can’t wait until we can come enjoy it with you guys after the ATL move.

also, i can’t believe how big the girls are getting. TOO precious. Here’s my guess: H in the back, L in the front with the orange ring??

(all you M-vegas peeps who can tell them apart so easy, do not mock me, I’m doing this long distance!)

2 05 2009

Mary…I believe chairs would have been removed before th beer fridge …RIGHT ??
and dont feel bad about not knowing H from L…i still get it wrong and see them all the time. To me the older they get the more they look alike

2 05 2009
Mary Tyler S,

AWESOME PORCH!!! great job! Can’t wait to come for some porchtime!

2 05 2009

I was thinking the same thing. I’m very glad to see pictures of the babies, but I’m also very glad to see the beer fridge still holding it’s place of glory on your porch. When I grow up, I want a beer fridge.

3 05 2009

Wow, the porch looks awesome! I had a beer fridge once. I know, funny, right? The girls just get more beautiful every day! Hope I get to see them this summer when I’m down!!

6 05 2009

I loved your comment. It was definitely one of the most creative answers yet! you put a smile on my face for sure. thank you!

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