Missed Me?

22 04 2009

Not likely, but I will pretend you have anyhow for my own fragile little ego’s sake. I don’t have a lot to say right now. Actually that is 100% completely not true. I have PLENTY to say right now but no time to say it. The reason I have been blogsent (blogging and absent get it?) is because life is basically HELL right now. The last two weeks of school, the largest single youth event I have all year, and babies that have been sick for 2 weeks (which makes going to work and doing school work a challenge). I’ve just been busy that’s all. I will continue to be busy for one more week’ish and then I will be able to breathe. Please hear me not complaining because everyone else I know is just as busy and their babies have been just as sick as mine are. I’m just excited about the coming break. No school this summer will slow down completion ever so slightly but will afford me something I’ve been missing since last August…TIME. I am so ready to go from gone 4-5 nights a week to gone only 1 (that’s because I hope to be playing softball).

Dear Life,
You pretty much freakin’ rock my face off. I feel like we are pretty tight you and I. It seems a little bit lately you’ve become a bit of a “jag”. I know I have my ‘deustsch-y’ moments but let’s do this. Let’s call a truce. You dig? Thanks for listening.


P.S.-The dishes in the dishwasher are clean.




5 responses

23 04 2009

Wait a second …This thing this weekend is a big deal ?????? What the hello did I sign up for ??
Just promise me that Mr Lucas will do more than me and we are cool …….

23 04 2009

Of course I missed you!

26 04 2009

Weird. This post didn’t show up into my googlereader until this morning. It says you posted it at 6am this morning. That would be 5am central time… guessing the Apr. 22 date actually on the post is more accurate.

Also, you are always missed!

26 04 2009

same thing as Mary. weird.

i am tired.

27 04 2009

odd – it just showed up in my g-reader today too. hum? and yes, you were missed.

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