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30 03 2009

Hi. I’m the guy who hasn’t blogged in a while. Thanks to some persistent nagging…erm…I mean nudging from this person I am finally back to give you some thoughts (Maughry style) that you probably could care less about. Off we go:


-Our dear Alma Mater (well at least of lot of you who read this) is losing one of its long standing landmarks as we speak. Massey Hall is in the final stages of being demolished. It has been condemned for more than a year now and is finally being taken all the way down to the ground. I had some classes in Massey and also did work-study for the Athletic Director my freshman year there. I also attended many plays and other performances in the Dungeon Theatre, which at one point in its history was also a swimming pool. In fact the Dungeon was the site of the ever so dramatic “Chapel Boycott”…there are few of you out there and ONE in particular who remember what this was about. Well Massey will be no more probably by the end of this week, just in time for reunion weekend. I did manage to snag a brick for the old building just to have (probably will just sit in my office and collect dust).

-My new running shoes have been performing spectacularly over the course of the last two weeks. I still am experiencing mild footpain at times but its nothing like it used to be and more importantly it doesn’t last once the more intense parts of my work out have ended.

-Speaking of workouts. I have been going to the YMCA to work out for going on 2 weeks now, and for probably the FIRST time in my life it is something that I actually look forward to. I’ve said it many times, I LOVE to be active and play sports and hike and stuff, but to put me in a gym with treadmills, bikes, weights and machines has traditionally made me want to throw myself down the stairs. This time not so much. Let’s hope it lasts.

-I am hitting the road tomorrow to Nashville for work for 3 days. I have lots of peeps I would like to see while I am up there but at the moment I am unsure of the itinerary for our time there so to all you Nash-vegans who read this I will try my best to catch up with you and my sincere hope is to do so but it all depends on how busy they keep us.

-Have I told you about my AMAZING babies lately? They are doing so great. They are both growing lots (probably moving into the 17 pound range), eating baby food (level 2’s) 3 times a day and cutting back their bottles to only about 2 1/2 a day, chattering all the time, both have cut teeth, and still sleeping 11-13 hours at night.ย  They rock my face off!

-Speaking of babies that sleep 11-13 hours at night, while I would NEVER complain about this because I know the difficulty that so many parents have with sleeping babies. And I also know that we have hit the double jackpot by having not one but two babies that sleep that way. The only drawback is it basically is impossible for us to do anything that involves being away from home past 5:30 at night. I’m sure one day this will all change but sometimes it is hard because while family, friends, etc..understand what we are saying when we say we can’t leave it is hard to entirely understand unless you’ve been there. I myself would have just said “well can’t you bring them and they will go to sleep here?” “or can’t they just stay up a little later and then they will be extra tired and go right to bed?” Alas the answer is a RESOUNDING no. But again, I am not close to complaining.

-She won’t say it because 1) she has what I like to call “woman disease” and can’t see herself like everyone else does, and 2) well she’s just nutty sometimes, but I will say it. My beautiful wife has been doing some kick ace things lately that require a lot of discipline and are not always easy but it is paying off. She is getting in the shape she wants to be and working on old habits that sometimes die hard. I say all this just to say to the world at large I’m VERY proud of her!! Keep it up!

-The online/tweet’versation yesterday about TV shows has me already composing a post in my head about my favorite TV shows of all time and how I’ve come to nearly every one of them not when they were actually on the air (thank you DVD!).

-Okay that’s about it for now. More posting to come…possibly even some from the road (well not while driving, but you know) all of that depends on how much school work I get done since I am skipping two classes this week in order to be gone on this work trip.





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30 03 2009

So sad about Massey. My sister snagged me a brick from there too back before Christmas. They make for great doorstops! ๐Ÿ™‚

30 03 2009

Poor Massey. I mean, the place was kind’ve a dump, so what-evs. I can’t say Massey was really a part of my life at Fair College on the Plain. I went to a few Dungeon Productions, but that was about it. I don’t think it was in use for much beside office space by the time I was there and in full blossom.

31 03 2009

Totally understand about bedtime. Totally.

Silas is still not sleeping through the night (more often than not) but that’s because of discomfort/ habits more than actual ability. And he also hasn’t dropped any bottles yet – but he is eating “real” food and tolerating it pretty well, and starting to go down for naps by himself, so we’re getting there. Little by little.

We joined the Y a few weeks ago too. Brian has been working out and enjoying it; I have been trying to figure out a way to make it work. I’m going to try the hour after nap this week and see how that goes. I’m glad you’re enjoying going.

31 03 2009

I too know of this chapel boycott. One of my fave stories from Corey’s college days. ๐Ÿ™‚

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