Running Shoes, A Baby Tooth, and The Stupidest Receipt Ever

19 03 2009

So I believe I have solved my running shoe problem for the time being. I did some extensive research last night on the interwebs and decided on the Asics Gel 1140. I would still like, in the future, to go to a store (clearly it won’t be in Montgomery) that specializes in this and get tested for what they say I need. In the meantime I have purchased the 1140’s and already taken them for a spin around Cloverdale and I think I have chosen wisely. I won’t bore you with any of the details but you can click on the link if you think you even remotely care about the “technology” in these shoes. Also as a side note they got good reviews from Runners World Magazine so that counts for something too right?

I have mentioned to a couple of you recently that the girls are working on cutting their first teeth. Harper has one that has already broken through and makes you think twice now about sticking a finger in that mouth. You can see the photographic evidence of this tooth below.


As mentioned above, we took the girls out in the super awesome double jogger to Old Cloverdale for some great time in the afternoon sun. We had a great time…photographic evidence is also below.




And finally…

In the department of ridiculous for ridiculousness sake. We made a purchase at our local neighborhood CVS the other night and only purchased ONE ITEM. I can’t stress enough the importance of the fact that we only purchased ONE ITEM! Are you with me on this people? ONE ITEM!!! Okay so with this one item came the stupidest receipt with any purchase ever in the history of any world ever. Once more photographic evidence below (for reference I took this pic with the receipt on the front of our fridge). Now as you all know we have an normal size fridge with a normal sized bottom door area. This was not taken on the teeny tiny beer fridge or anything.


I mean REALLY!?!?!?




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19 03 2009

Ha! That receipt is hilarious! Maybe it means you won the lottery? 🙂 Love the picture of Harper’s tooth. Baby Bean 2 has his 4 month apt. tomorrow.

19 03 2009

I am intimately familiar with CVS receipt ridiculousness. Due to the fact that there is one VERY CONVENIENTLY located right across the street from the law school, I end up going there ALL THE TIME for just like one or two things. I swear, you buy ONE highlighter and they kill an entire forest full of trees. It is so wasteful and shocking every single time. Honestly, you think they’d go bankrupt for all of the receipt paper they have to purchase.

Congrats on finding shoes. And of course, the girls look adorable as always.

19 03 2009


19 03 2009

Coupons! I love those things.

The tooth, too, I love. Life changes now.

23 03 2009

I loved the pictures. The girls are so big!
I visit CVS often and I say go to shorter receipts and lower the prices!

24 03 2009

Nick, m’dear, those are CVS coupns and they are ure GOLD. My friend, Windy, is a CVS shopper and, quite often, CVS pays her to take diapers from them. Seriously. I don’t have a CVS yet, but I can send you Windy’s link. Also, check out 🙂

24 03 2009

Those pictures of the fam at HC should be in the Alum magazine or something.

30 03 2009

I’m about to start boycotting your blog if we don’t get an update soon!

15 04 2009

1. Your girls are ridiculously cute! Love seeing the pictures!

2. CVS coupons! NOT stupid. Man, those are golden! I recently got a gift someone bought at CVS and they included the receipt, and I was sad to see they hadn’t used the $5 off $15 coupon AND it had expired or I would’ve used it myself in a heartbeat! Seriously, you can save yourself some serious $$ at CVS, just find coupons to match those CVS coupons for stuff you need and you are golden! I ALWAYS get stuff for free with their Extra Care Bucks. I second the link.

3. What kind of double jogger do you have that you love so much? I’m in the market and yours looks cool but I can’t make out the name. Is it a baby jogger?

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