Help With My Feet

18 03 2009

Alright kids I need some help. I have what I believe to be overpronation issues (i.e. ‘flat feet’). Pretty much anytime I do anything exercise related (basketball, running, etc…) I end up with pain in my feetsies and it’s got to stop. Mrs. M and me are joining the Y this week and I am getting on the exercise train with a good friend of mine and I need to be able to do that without hating every second because I’d rather cut my feet off and walk home on the stumps.

I live in a place that is HORRIBLE with customer service. I went out to a few stores today and either didn’t find the few shoes I knew to be good for this, nor did I find anyone who I thought to be even remotely knowledgeable about shoes and which ones I should consider.

So I come to you dear reader, what with your excessive running, exercising, shoe buying experience. Does anyone have any help or tips for me? Here’s what I know…the old school New Balance 992’s (the grey ones we have all had at some point or another) are great for this but I want to explore my other options before committing. HELP!

UPDATE: After doing a little more research after writing this post it would appear that I only have mild to moderately flat feet (as opposed to the barren Kansas wasteland that I took them for previously). So basically I just need a good all around stability running shoe. Zappos has some recommendations that I am about to look over but I still value your input.




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18 03 2009

Nick, have you been to MAC sporting goods. It use to be over behind Eastdale Mall. That is where I would always go when I was in Mont. They actually know what they are talking about. There used to be a lady named Peggy that worked there who was really good. Triathlete, marathoner, aka actually knew what she was talking about. Hope that helps.

18 03 2009

I just started running seriously again, and I would highly recommend going to a serious shoe store and getting fitted. It made a ton of difference for me. I have really boring, normal feet, but it still made a ton of difference when I switched from bargain bin-on sale-poor college kid-running shoes to decent shoes that fit the kind of foot I have.

18 03 2009

I agree with Matt.
I, too, have overpronating feet and was experiencing horrible pain a few years ago while training for a 1/2 marathon.

I went to a place here called Fleet Feet, where they fit your feet. They take all kinds of measurements, watch you run, jump, slide, walk, see how your feet operate.

Then they bring out a vairety of shoes appropriate for the needs of your feet. And believe me, I wouldn’t have picked out any of these shoes on my own or even after online research.

It’s totally worth looking up a store like this and making the trip to Bham or go to one of the stores here when you are in town in a few weeks?!

Good Luck!

18 03 2009

I run anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour and a half a day and am in love with my Ecco Receptors. I don’t know if they are just for girls or if they guy shoes too. Mr. Bean has trouble with shin splints and such when he wears the wrong shoes and he really really likes his Brooks GTS 7. They are about a $100 pair of tennis shoes but he wears the snot out of them for a year before he has to get new ones.

18 03 2009

I feel like I’m a broken record but since you know I run all the time, I feel maybe expected to chime in? Maybe not. I’ll keep it short.

Mr. H & I both went to a serious running store here where they watched us run and recommended/fitted shoes for us. Best thing ever. It was only a little embarrassing because we didn’t plan ahead for the experience and I was wearing a sundress so I looked extra stupid running up Beacon street in my dress and running shoes. We both ended up with Brooks & love them.

It’s worth a trip to B-ham. Also, just so you know, depending on how intense you are about it… you will need a new pair every 3-6months. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the shoes, they just wear out if you use them a lot. I need new ones four times a year running 4-6 miles 4-6 times per week on average.

Okay, longer than I expected to discuss running shoes. Good luck and let us know how things go!!

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