Remember Me?

30 03 2009

Hi. I’m the guy who hasn’t blogged in a while. Thanks to some persistent nagging…erm…I mean nudging from this person I am finally back to give you some thoughts (Maughry style) that you probably could care less about. Off we go:


-Our dear Alma Mater (well at least of lot of you who read this) is losing one of its long standing landmarks as we speak. Massey Hall is in the final stages of being demolished. It has been condemned for more than a year now and is finally being taken all the way down to the ground. I had some classes in Massey and also did work-study for the Athletic Director my freshman year there. I also attended many plays and other performances in the Dungeon Theatre, which at one point in its history was also a swimming pool. In fact the Dungeon was the site of the ever so dramatic “Chapel Boycott”…there are few of you out there and ONE in particular who remember what this was about. Well Massey will be no more probably by the end of this week, just in time for reunion weekend. I did manage to snag a brick for the old building just to have (probably will just sit in my office and collect dust).

-My new running shoes have been performing spectacularly over the course of the last two weeks. I still am experiencing mild footpain at times but its nothing like it used to be and more importantly it doesn’t last once the more intense parts of my work out have ended.

-Speaking of workouts. I have been going to the YMCA to work out for going on 2 weeks now, and for probably the FIRST time in my life it is something that I actually look forward to. I’ve said it many times, I LOVE to be active and play sports and hike and stuff, but to put me in a gym with treadmills, bikes, weights and machines has traditionally made me want to throw myself down the stairs. This time not so much. Let’s hope it lasts.

-I am hitting the road tomorrow to Nashville for work for 3 days. I have lots of peeps I would like to see while I am up there but at the moment I am unsure of the itinerary for our time there so to all you Nash-vegans who read this I will try my best to catch up with you and my sincere hope is to do so but it all depends on how busy they keep us.

-Have I told you about my AMAZING babies lately? They are doing so great. They are both growing lots (probably moving into the 17 pound range), eating baby food (level 2’s) 3 times a day and cutting back their bottles to only about 2 1/2 a day, chattering all the time, both have cut teeth, and still sleeping 11-13 hours at night.  They rock my face off!

-Speaking of babies that sleep 11-13 hours at night, while I would NEVER complain about this because I know the difficulty that so many parents have with sleeping babies. And I also know that we have hit the double jackpot by having not one but two babies that sleep that way. The only drawback is it basically is impossible for us to do anything that involves being away from home past 5:30 at night. I’m sure one day this will all change but sometimes it is hard because while family, friends, etc..understand what we are saying when we say we can’t leave it is hard to entirely understand unless you’ve been there. I myself would have just said “well can’t you bring them and they will go to sleep here?” “or can’t they just stay up a little later and then they will be extra tired and go right to bed?” Alas the answer is a RESOUNDING no. But again, I am not close to complaining.

-She won’t say it because 1) she has what I like to call “woman disease” and can’t see herself like everyone else does, and 2) well she’s just nutty sometimes, but I will say it. My beautiful wife has been doing some kick ace things lately that require a lot of discipline and are not always easy but it is paying off. She is getting in the shape she wants to be and working on old habits that sometimes die hard. I say all this just to say to the world at large I’m VERY proud of her!! Keep it up!

-The online/tweet’versation yesterday about TV shows has me already composing a post in my head about my favorite TV shows of all time and how I’ve come to nearly every one of them not when they were actually on the air (thank you DVD!).

-Okay that’s about it for now. More posting to come…possibly even some from the road (well not while driving, but you know) all of that depends on how much school work I get done since I am skipping two classes this week in order to be gone on this work trip.



Running Shoes, A Baby Tooth, and The Stupidest Receipt Ever

19 03 2009

So I believe I have solved my running shoe problem for the time being. I did some extensive research last night on the interwebs and decided on the Asics Gel 1140. I would still like, in the future, to go to a store (clearly it won’t be in Montgomery) that specializes in this and get tested for what they say I need. In the meantime I have purchased the 1140’s and already taken them for a spin around Cloverdale and I think I have chosen wisely. I won’t bore you with any of the details but you can click on the link if you think you even remotely care about the “technology” in these shoes. Also as a side note they got good reviews from Runners World Magazine so that counts for something too right?

I have mentioned to a couple of you recently that the girls are working on cutting their first teeth. Harper has one that has already broken through and makes you think twice now about sticking a finger in that mouth. You can see the photographic evidence of this tooth below.


As mentioned above, we took the girls out in the super awesome double jogger to Old Cloverdale for some great time in the afternoon sun. We had a great time…photographic evidence is also below.




And finally…

In the department of ridiculous for ridiculousness sake. We made a purchase at our local neighborhood CVS the other night and only purchased ONE ITEM. I can’t stress enough the importance of the fact that we only purchased ONE ITEM! Are you with me on this people? ONE ITEM!!! Okay so with this one item came the stupidest receipt with any purchase ever in the history of any world ever. Once more photographic evidence below (for reference I took this pic with the receipt on the front of our fridge). Now as you all know we have an normal size fridge with a normal sized bottom door area. This was not taken on the teeny tiny beer fridge or anything.


I mean REALLY!?!?!?

Help With My Feet

18 03 2009

Alright kids I need some help. I have what I believe to be overpronation issues (i.e. ‘flat feet’). Pretty much anytime I do anything exercise related (basketball, running, etc…) I end up with pain in my feetsies and it’s got to stop. Mrs. M and me are joining the Y this week and I am getting on the exercise train with a good friend of mine and I need to be able to do that without hating every second because I’d rather cut my feet off and walk home on the stumps.

I live in a place that is HORRIBLE with customer service. I went out to a few stores today and either didn’t find the few shoes I knew to be good for this, nor did I find anyone who I thought to be even remotely knowledgeable about shoes and which ones I should consider.

So I come to you dear reader, what with your excessive running, exercising, shoe buying experience. Does anyone have any help or tips for me? Here’s what I know…the old school New Balance 992’s (the grey ones we have all had at some point or another) are great for this but I want to explore my other options before committing. HELP!

UPDATE: After doing a little more research after writing this post it would appear that I only have mild to moderately flat feet (as opposed to the barren Kansas wasteland that I took them for previously). So basically I just need a good all around stability running shoe. Zappos has some recommendations that I am about to look over but I still value your input.

Some Thoughts on Road Trips

7 03 2009


I had a quick over night roady to Nashville yesterday and today and as I drove back and forth I had some time to ponder road trips and these are some of the random meaningless thoughts that I had (in bullet point form for those of you that can’t get enough).

-First and foremost, I LOVE ROADTRIPS!! I love to drive and if it is a drivable destination I am up for it. Call it the romance of the open road, call it freedom, call it seeing the world, whatever you want to call it I DIG IT!

-I don’t smoke, never have really, although I do love a good cigar from time to time. I have never been a real cigarette kind of smoker, but if I were I think it would be on road trips. I can’t even begin to explain the logic behind it but something about being on the open road makes me want to buy a pack of Camels, roll the windows down, and smoke. I will add, as a side note, I would NOT repeat NOT throw my butts out the window. When did throwing cigarette butts out the window become ‘not littering’?

-Talk radio on a road trip is part of what life is all about. I listen to talk radio a good 80% of the time I am in the car (around town or on the long haul) and I love it. NPR, Tony Kornheiser, the occasional national sports show (local sports radio can suck it), it’s all good (except for local sports radio…seriously they can suck it…and Rick and Bubba too).

-While talk radio is great, you also cannot beat cranking up some of your favorite tunes and putting on the concert of your life at the top of your lungs as the truck drivers you pass look at you with looks of bewilderment (that and disappointment that you didn’t “put ’em on the glass”).

-Speaking of music. As I was driving home today I was spending some time with my old friend Dave. I have long been a fan of Mr. Matthews ever since a certain Mr. H that will remain nameless introduced him to me many moons ago. Two Step has pretty much always been the song that tops my DMB list and I would like to say definitively here and right now that the original DMB: Live at Red Rocks CD (circa 1995) version of Two Step is to this day the best one out there. Actually that entire CD holds up very well over the last 13 years but Two Step on that CD is where its at. If you have access and are a fan I encourage you to go back and give it a second go. I think you’ll be glad you did.

-Another great aspect of a “roady” is that when you are on the road CALORIES DON’T COUNT (it’s like a morally acceptable version of the “cheating outside of your area code” concept) and that is a good thing because you might want greasy spoon regional fare or you might want a double quarter pounder with cheese super sized with an apple pie. Whatever your craving…go for it. This also goes for gas station junk food and snacks…I’m not saying we can all do Funyuns and YooHoo at 8:00 in the morning but on the open road it’s all good.

-I remain ever vigilant in my quest to curb driving/emailing/texting and this drive the last two days just reinforced that decision. It wasn’t easy but with stops for gas and food it wasn’t that big of a deal. Passing all the other dingbats that were swerving around the road as they did that just shows there should be some laws or restrictions or something.

-Sometime before I die I want to do the traditional “drive someplace ridiculously far away like California” with a couple of guys where you do the whole drive all night/switch out/stop at weird random places (like “the most photographed barn in america”) because they are there.

I guess that is all for now. Seriously I do love the open road, and I enjoyed being out with The Governor (my truck) and Margaret Thatcher (the GPS). Mr. L had a blog recently about names of belongings and after reading it those were the nombres that I selected for those particular items.

What are you thoughts on road trips?

**Editors Note: To all of my dear dear friends that live in Nashville I am sorry I did not call you this trip it was such a short turn around and my schedule at my meeting really didn’t leave me with any time. I am, however, going to be back in couple of weeks for 3-4 days and would very much like to catch up with ALL of you whilst there.

It’s like Siberia up in this joint!

1 03 2009