Goodbye OLD Friend

26 02 2009

So a few things before I get into this post (that likely no one will really care about except me…I’m fine with it really):

Harper came home yesterday after spending from Sunday to Wednesday in the hospital with pneumonia. She is feeling much better (Lily is feeling better also) and we just hope we can make it a little bit longer until we get some consistent warm weather and get past some of this “baby cold” non-sense. 

-Okay so maybe it was just that one thing really, now for a pointless reminiscing.


The picture above is of my beloved DVD player of 10 years, well call her Marilyn, I received this as a gift from my parents Christmas 1999. I was a freshman in college and it was the perfect addition to my dorm room for it allowed me yet another option for procrastinating and not doing my school work. This DVD player has followed me all over the travels of my life to this point. She has lived in 2 dorm rooms, a house on Wiley Rd. in Montgomery, an apartment on Zelda Rd. in Montgomery, a house on Carter Hill Rd. in Montgomery, a house in Millbrook, an apartment on Fairview Ave. in Montgomery, an apartment at Sturbridge in Montgomery, and finally our house (also in Montgomery).

This DVD player has spent WAY MORE nights than any of you would probably care to know singing me to sleep to the sounds of all my friends on The West Wing, and lately it has been an invaluable tool (particularly in the mornings) to entertaining the girls with Little Einstein while Mommy and Daddy get ready for work. 

Well I am sad to report that Marilyn has seen her last days. She is still a working gal but she is getting slow in her old age and rather doddering as she randomly skips around discs or sometimes is downright stubborn and refuses to play when there is nothing at all wrong with the disc. 

Today (much like Stephanie wrote a week or so ago) we had reached an action point where we could no longer live with the gamble of a player that might or might not work to keep a curious baby entertained at a crucial moment of showering or eating (for the parents of course). So I struck out for my neighborhood “bullseye” retailer and procured a new DVD player. 


This is “Paris” she’s younger, faster (minds out of the gutters boys), and can be counted on to keep the discs a-spinnin’. I’m pretty sure if we had a fancy pants TV like most of you Paris would show us our old DVD’s in some newfangled fancy light, but we do not and probably won’t for a while so we are just glad we can rely on her. 

This last picture is to show you the great size difference in DVD players 10 years ago and now, bearing in mind that I didn’t even buy the smallest on they had. Also I’m pretty sure my parents paid close to $200 when they bought “Marilyn” and today “Paris” was easily mine for under $50. The times they are definitely changing. Goodbye Marilyn and thanks for your years of dedicated service!





3 responses

26 02 2009

ashes to ashes …dust to dust ……..

28 02 2009

Wow… 10 years is a good long run.

Is this the DVD player that we watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on in yours & Lane’s dorm room in Blount?? I don’t think FBDO was a part of it but didn’t we do some sort of movie series that year where you watched classic movies?? You guys probably watched all of those on Marylin.

Good times. May she RIP.

1 03 2009

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