This is American Idol

12 02 2009


I’ve talked before about one of my TV guilty pleasures being American Idol. Sometimes it is the train wreckiest of the train wrecks and other time it almost passes for enjoyable. No matter what though it always, for me, merits watching (even when my guy/gal inevitably gets screwed over and loses out to a “hair do”).

A few of you know about my thorough enjoyment of a certain Washington D.C. based radio talk show host, one Mr. Tony Kornheiser (also of Monday Night Football and PTI fame). Well Mr. Tony is a big Idol watcher as well and when he is on the radio he always does a run-down style review of the previous nights performances.


Well due to some contractual circumstances Mr. Tony is off the radio until his MNF obligations are complete (leaving those of us that crave his curmudgeonly sarcastic banter about all things to sit idle without good radio). This absence leaves a spot open for a brutally honest sarcasm filled reviewer to step up and give you all the weekly Idol updates you need (or could care less about). It is with great honor that I take that task upon my own shoulders.

How it will work (like you really care):

Each week (starting with the final 12…I think the earlier rounds will be a little too much) I will take notes (steno pad style baby) focusing on things such as first impression, what the judges said, my feelings about the performance, and likely hood of exiting the show. I will probably add in some helpful comments that I’m sure Mr. Tony would appreciate such as “they are so annoying they should be smashed in the head with a snowshovel” or “i wish someone would run over their head with bus”.

Now I am WELL aware that Idol does not fall into all or your range of interest and if so I apologize ahead of time for the couple of posts a week that will be (as Randy Jackson says) “just alright for me dawg”, but for the rest of you I hope my thoughts and likely-failed attempts at humor will be a bright spot in your day (aiming a little high aren’t I?).

So keep watching and before you know it it will be time to “crush” those “twitching little freaks”.

This blog and the ensuing American Idol posts in no way reflect the views or opinions of the American Idol TV show, its producers, FOX TV, or Simon Cowell’s tight t-shirts.





2 responses

12 02 2009

Looking forward to it Brospehi.

14 02 2009
The Bean

I also agree that a certain contestant (Tatiana) should be whacked in the head with a shovel. 🙂

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