Super Bowl 2009

2 02 2009

I guess this could technically count as “live blogging” as I am watching the game/commercials as I write this post. The game is alright, I wish the Cardinals were playing better but ultimately I guess I don’t have any real stake in the game. Right this second I am watching Ed McMahon and M.C. Hammer doing a commercial for and it is very weird (I believe the phrase is “how the mighty have fallen”). Commercials have been alright so far, nothing has really blown me away. It seems like there is a lot of physical humor commercials this year (guy getting hit in the jewels with the snow globe was funny…but people getting hit there always is; provided its not me). I was excited to see the first trailer for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

I enjoyed Bruce Springsteen during the halftime show. It was especially funny for Mrs. M and me because we are steadily working our way through The Sopranos and Steven Van Zandt of the E-Street Band plays Silvio Dante in The Sopranos.




It is odd not to see him scowling with his pursed lips and wearing his mafia suits and his big pompadour hair. I’ve always liked Bruce although I never make a conscious decision to listen to his music. I guess what I am saying is when it is on I like it but I’ve never gone looking for it. Maybe I will try that sometime soon. Any recommendations? 

This year is the first Super Bowl in 12 years that I have not been at a church youth group party of some kind. The biggest downside of that for me was missing out on the spread of game munchies that one typically finds at such an event. I told Mrs. M I was glad to be home watching the game with her but I was going to need to make at least one “bad for me” game day food item. Below is a picture of what I decided upon.


As you can see the theme of this year’s M Family Super Bowl Party was “Chili & Cheese” (it’s like leather & lace only much tastier). I enjoyed two chili dogs (mayo, onions, chili, and cheese) and a slathered helping of chili cheese tater tots. YUM!

Since I started this post I have seen a couple of commercials that I thought were funny. The MacGruber/Pepsi Max commercial was good, as was the Scarecrow GE powergrid commercial. Okay, I think I am signing off for now but I may get back on after if there is anything else to blog about. Maybe there will finally be some redemption in the hour long episode of The Office that is about to start when this game ends. BTW this seems like the shortest Super Bowl game ever, but I am guessing that is just because I am not spending the whole time dreading those youth whose parents were guaranteed not to pick them up on time (and thus delaying my going home). Go Cards!

UPDATE (still live): Arizona just scored to take the lead with 2:40 to go!! Hot diggity!

Double Update: Pittsburgh just scored an AMAZING touchdown by the skin of Holmes’ toes. It was definitely an impressive catch. 35 seconds to let’s see what happens.




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2 02 2009
The Bean

I was all for the Cardinals too. Too bad they couldn’t run a 100+ yards touchdown like the Steelers. 😦 We ate chips with melted cheese and salsa, Tyson boneless wings with ranch dressing and Oreos. Oh, and your favorite, Mt. Dew!

2 02 2009

I was for the Steelers but was glad the game was more exiting in the second half. Mr. H took the dogs out during the last two minutes which was obviously a bad decision.

Also, I’m pretty sure just LOOKING at the photo of your dinner is going to give me heartburn. Blech. Glad you enjoyed it though!

2 02 2009

I told Sam that I just really felt the need to have a burger and fries last night. We didn’t even watch the game, but it made me feel like I was part of the cultural experience.
Oh, and I LOVE MacGruber.

4 02 2009

were you not a little embarrassed to post that heart attack on a plate!?!?

12 02 2009

WARNING: Mr. Tony reference below.

Liz wrote a column on Super Bowl Sunday about her “Bruce” experiences. It was a fun read.

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