This Economy BLOWS!!

26 01 2009

I ran across this on Yahoo! a little bit ago and wept a sad little tear. Seriously now there really is a problem that need CHANGE! Come on Mr. President, don’t fail us now.

Facing Increased Costs, Girl Scouts Downsize Cookie Boxes

It’s always seemed a little too effortless to finish off a box of Girl Scout cookies, but if they are a little easier to dust off this year, it’s not just in your head. To offset the cost increases of cookie ingredients, Girl Scouts of the USA made the decision to shrink its cookie boxes by a centimeter, package fewer cookies into boxes of Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, and Tagalongs, and reduce the size of its Lemon Chalet Crèmes. According to the organization, the cost of flour rose by 30 percent, assorted cooking oils by 40 percent, and cocoa by at least 20 percent. The company felt this was the best method of dealing with increasing raw material prices. Alternatively, Girl Scouts could have used cheaper ingredients, or raised cookie prices from their current price of $3.50 per box.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me, since last year producers began rolling out shrunken products in reaction to the price of food on the rise. I’m secretly a bit excited — for once, the downsized box may be enough for me to stop short of a stomachache.

How do you feel about this news? Does it affect your decision to buy the cookies?






4 responses

27 01 2009

Nope – I’ll still buy my Thin Mints, because I believe in helpin’ the girls with their fundraisers, just like I do with helping the Boy Scouts with their Trail’s End popcorn sales. The deal in this house has been that I don’t eat the Thin Mints (which are store in the freezer, as God intended them to be) until there are 3 left, and those 3 are MINE. This just speeds up the lag time. 😉

27 01 2009

They put flour, oil and chocolate in their cookies??
Well damn ……

29 01 2009

I agree with Elebama… And having a few Girl Scout cookies is better than having none at all no matter what the cost!

29 01 2009
The Bean

We bought 10 boxes last year at $4 a piece. We still have one box of Thin Mints left. 🙂

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