Delightfully Tacky…Yet Unrefined

18 01 2009

Steph asked in her most recent posts what tacky things do you love? I like this question so I am going to throw a few things out there (in no particular order, and in bullet point format):

  • Soda-specifically Mountain Dew. I know in this day and age of health and food responsibility anything with high fructose corn syrup is a pariah, but I can’t help myself. I LOVE soda. If its diet you can keep it. I don’t care what anyone says Diet Dr. Pepper does not taste more like Dr. Pepper and Coke Zero tastes VASTLY different than real Coca-Cola. Mountain Dew has always been and will always be my true soft drink love.
  • Watching TV…much like the ‘cartoon dilemma’ a lot of people like to play the artsy-fartsy “we don’t watch TV” or “we don’t even have a TV”. Well I say get off your high horse Nancy and deal with it, because I love TV. Now don’t get me wrong I typically don’t like bad TV (anything on MTV or VH1, etc…). But the list of shows that I like currently is quite exhaustive: FNL, SNL (it’s finally gotten better), 30 Rock, The Office, LOST, Top Gear, House, Life, Top Chef, American Idol, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Kitchen Nightmares, and I am sure there are more that I am forgetting, but this list should sufficiently make me a typical American ‘couch potato’. I will add that were it not for the wonder of DVR I probably couldn’t watch a third of the TV that I do (bearing in mind that I also have two kids, a full time job, and and working on a graduate degree). 
  • Stove Top Stuffing-I know two people in particular that will absolutely cringe as they read this one, but I grew up on Stove Top during the holidays (hey we aren’t from the south what can I say). And while I enjoy a good cornbread dressing I will always have a special place in my heart for the ‘fake stuff’.
  • Stickers on the windows of my vehicles-now I am not personally a fan of making my car look like a full blown hippie mobile but I like a few well placed stickers on my ride. As ‘adults’ I think it is the belief that we are supposed to be over this practice. I bought a vehicle two years ago (well into my adult years) and one of the first orders of business was to apply an Auburn sticker, and my Apple sticker. The following conversation ensued: Mrs. M “you can’t put an Apple sticker on a pickup truck” Me: Watch me”. I now currently have my Auburn sticker, Apple sticker, AVL (for Asheville, NC) and am awaiting a reported NPR sticker that someone has for me.
  • Pop music-I like a lot of what I think my friends would consider good music (those you who know what the phrase “10 percenter” means know what I am talking about), but I also like a fair amount of songs that you would hear played on popular radio (Y102 for example) that are not that deep, not that well written, but are catchy and you can’t help but be drawn to. I guess I am talking about ‘guilty pleasure’ kinds of songs. Most of the time it is constrained to a certain song but at times it manifests itself in an actual artist (for example Gavin DeGraw, Natasha Bedingfield, or Jason Mraz). 

I am sure there are plenty more tacky things in the world that I like but I think I’ve given you more than enough to judge me on (or possibly reconsider your friendship with me) for now. Enjoy your Sunday!




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18 01 2009


18 01 2009

I always thought watching tv was okay – I didn’t know it was tacky. Actually I spend most of my time (reading blogs, anyway) feeling completely out of the loop because I have never seen most of the shows people talk about.

19 01 2009

Why was there an issue with an apple sticker on a pick up truck? Am I missing something?

I know what a 10%er is and I have two words for you. TAYLOR. SWIFT. I am in crazy love so no judgment here.

Speaking of SNL and the thing Stephanie said about it not being cool letting your kids watch T.V. now….did you see “Da Learnin’ train” last night on SNL? Hysterical!

19 01 2009
Nick M.

@ Steph- I think what I was trying to say about the whole TV watching thing is that there can sometimes be an “elitist attitude” towards TV watching, especially in large quantities, that if you do maybe you are not smart enough to read a book instead or hold a conversation, etc… Basically the same reason we aren’t supposed to let our kids be entertained by the TV.

@ Mary- Apple tends to be a ‘neardy niche’ kind of market and in this part of the country if you drive a truck odds are you like “muddin”, hunting, vehicular testicle themed accessories…(i.e. being a redneck) and those two worlds are seemingly at odds with one another, at least down here.

YES I did see “Da Learnin Train” and it was absolutely hilarious!!

19 01 2009

I may have to copy this idea, as well. I am with you on Soda and car stickers.

19 01 2009

If you can’t put an Apple sticker on a Tacoma, you sure as heck can’t put an NPR sticker on one. Your truck may cease to function completely. I was wanting something to blog about, so I will have my guilty pleasures up soon.

19 01 2009

Its not often that you go away for a nice weekend with the kids and come back and find that one of your dearest friends has ATTACKED you in their blog …tsk tsk ..
Yes….Its true I am not a fan of (BLECH) Stove Top Stuffing…GA-ROSS!!
and your NPR sticker is sitting right here…Maybe I will bake it into a pan of REAL dressing
and I have listened to so much Taylor Swift this weekend I really think I could possibly have hearing damage …

20 01 2009

Have you ever tried this?

I know its not high cuisine, but it is SO good, and a completely appropriate use for Stove Top stuffing (since regular stuffing would kind of be gross in this recipe). The only thing I do differently on this recipe is at the end where it says cover and heat through, I put it in the oven @350 instead. The stuffing gets a little crunchy and the cheese gets a little cheesier that way (if that makes sense). You can make it a little healthier with the use of olive oil and reduced fat soups, etc… Serve it with steamed broccoli.

20 01 2009
Nick M.

@ Val-The link didn’t work and now I am dying to know what this amazing recipe is that involves Stove Top and ‘cheesy’ I can tell already that it is amazing. Can you send it to me the old fashioned way (email)?

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