Back In Action

15 01 2009

My sweet Mac is back and better than ever. Babies are doing alright…went for a follow up at the doc’s office yesterday and they said to keep doing what we have been doing. The good news is we are not at a point where we need to go to the hospital. Definitely good news. Mrs. M and me are home through Monday to be able to both take care of them and neither of us feel overwhelmed. 

Right before the ‘baby plague’ (notice my omission of the typically used word ‘death’ in that phrase…just kind of brings the mood down you know?) set in we had the great fortune to spend some time with the cousins (and sister and bro-in-law too of course) and good times were had by all. 


(See above: Good times being had by all)

One very interesting discovery we made during the evening of hanging out with the family crew was that of the resemblance of the new little B to his dashing “Uncle Mr. M” at the approximate times of their respective births. I submit below evidence of said discovery.


(See above: evidence of said discovery)

And what post would be complete without a picture of the Baby M’s in all of their supreme awesomeness?


(See above: the Baby M’s in all of their supreme awesomeness)

And of course a few bullets to wrap up the fun for now:

  • Tonight I am making a scrumptious Chicken Tortilla Soup for us to enjoy on this cool evening.
  • I have FINALLY gotten Mrs. M on the Soprano’s train. It has taken a while but I have finally “pulled her back in”. I know what we are doing this weekend!
  • Tomorrow night is FNL…FINALLY!
  • All for now



9 responses

15 01 2009

WOW …the pictures tell the story about looking alike ….

15 01 2009

Glad they are feeling better brother. You guys enjoy your soup. I am looking forward to FNL as well.

16 01 2009

wait…laura has never watched the sopranos??? you have to be like the worst husband ever (wink).

16 01 2009

oh, also…working on my “guessing”….lily is the one looking AT the camera in that last awesomeness picture???

16 01 2009

I guess my newest little bean does take after the Mielke side. 🙂 We miss you guys already!

16 01 2009

Glad you are able to avoid the hospital.

Sloan looks like Emily, and you and Emily look alike, so I guess it’s not a big surprise that your baby pictures look alike. What is a little funny is how he is practically the same size as the girls.

16 01 2009
Nick M.

WRONG MARY. Harper is looking at the camera. And funny you should comment on Sopranos… i just said to nick that for some odd reason you remind me of Meadow

16 01 2009
Nick M.

oops that was from me – Laura

16 01 2009

Boo…and I was getting so good at the guessing. Maybe it has to be in person or at least they both need to be looking FORWARD.

I’ll take the Meadow thing as a compliment, except in the seasons later when she gets to be a WHINEY annoying teenager and in real life marries that old man and then divorces him.

One of the very best shows of all time. Enjoy.

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