The Run Down

13 01 2009

So I have been called out (and rightfully so) for my lack of posting since New Year’s Day. I will not make excuses for my non-postishness, I will simply try to bring you up to speed on the latest in my little corner of the universe (in bullet point format of course…it’s all the rage these days).

  • You will notice there are no pictures attached to this post (or maybe the next few) due to the fact that my beloved Mac is in the hospital right now. The charger had ceased to function properly and there was also a crack in the casing so thanks to Apple Care it is being repaired and hopefully I will hear news of its joyful return home sometime very SOON.
  • School has started back for me for the spring semester. Last semester was something of a cake walk and I am afraid it made me comfortable at the wrong time because this spring has the potential to kick my ace. The good news is that I am taking my last two ‘core’ classes (which leaves only a few electives before I am done) this spring. The bad news is they are probably the two hardest ones I will have (one is Quantitative Decision Making…a.k.a statistics; and the other is Human Resource Management…the second class should be good but it is an INTENSE amount of weekly reading and a weekly paper as well). So, through the spring on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:00-9:00 p.m. that’s where I will be.
  • Yesterday was what I have dubbed my “target day”. This does not mean that I went buck wild in everyone’s favorite bull’s eye themed superstore. What this does mean is that between two fairly substantial Harper vomits and an exploding 2 liter of Dr. Pepper I felt like I was a marked man. That green shirt just wasn’t meant to be yesterday.
  • Speaking of yesterday…I was thrilled to get to spend the afternoon and evening with “that sister of mine” and her family, including nephew #1. We had a great time hanging out, eating food (including VICTORY CAKE), and playing games. I hate that we all live so far apart and don’t get to do it more. Hopefully this summer we will make a roady to the STL for a visit of our own.
  • We have had sick baby/ies on our hands for the last day or two and the “sick funk” has progressed…L went to the docs with Harper this morning to find out what is going on. Turns out she has  RSV because apparently is it running RAMPANT in MGM right now. And because we have two it basically means try though we might they will both have it. BLECH!
  • Inaugaration day is one week from today. I am SO VERY excited about all of that. I hope that with the whole HBO contract deal I will still get to see a substantial portion of it all. Hooray for CHANGE!
  • And finally…isn’t it about typical that right when all the good TV is getting cranked up (LOST, Office, 30 Rock, Top Chef, Idol, Top Gear, FNL, etc…) it also happens to be the time when I will probably have the least amount of time to watch said programming.
  • Okay so this is really the last one…Friday Night Lights is FINALLY back THIS FRIDAY!!!



3 responses

14 01 2009

How’s Harper? We have been to the doctor FOUR TIMES in the past week. That’s not counting the morning spent at the surgical center with Brian. Geez. Hope everyone is better soon.

14 01 2009

Wow. Sorry to hear about the sick babies and your MAC and target day! I have days like that sometimes and I think that’s what I’ll call it now.

Lane and I are one disc away from being ready for LOST. I know what you mean though…our TiVo is overflowing because we’re too busy to watch the good shows that are coming on. Why can’t all the good ones come on in the summer time???

AND I also cannot express my extreme joy about FNL. We will be making time for that no matter what.

14 01 2009

First, I like the new picture. New pictures are all the rage these days. Second, are there pictures of this victory cake? I’m so interested to see it!! 🙂 Third, sorry your girls are sick. No fun. Fourth, Hey, great post. 😉

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