My Kind of New Year’s Day

1 01 2009

Today is a wonderful first day of 2009. J, Mrs. M, and me are celebrating in our own pseudo-unique kind of way. We cooked a wonderful meal of southern’ish vegetables and are spending the day watching the entire series of HBO’sBand of Brothers” (Mrs. M has never seen it). Below are some pics of our delicious meal.


Collard greens with ham hock (none for me thanks…I’ll pass)


Corn on the cob


Black eyed peas (after all it is New Year’s Day)


Homemade corn bread (although I was mocked for my love of boxed Jiffy corn bread)


Mrs. M’s squash casserole…YUM!

Our meal was delicious as you can quite imagine. I did have one small thought as we were fixing our plates. If all of the above food had been cooked in butter it could have passed as French Cuisine, instead I smothered it with butter after the fact and thus making it truly southern. 

We are now continuing our journey through Band of Brothers (and will probably be into the later hours of the evening). I hope you have all had a fabulous New Year’s Day!




8 responses

1 01 2009

wish we coulda’ been there. happy new year!

1 01 2009
Mary Tyler S,

FINALLY she is watching it. Now we can discuss 🙂

2 01 2009

We almost finished BoB… close but we were all getting kinda tired.
I do believe it was THE most relaxing day I have had in a Long Long time….

2 01 2009
Laura M.

Ditto Jason. I hate we tuckered out at the very end but my eyes were rolling into the back of my head, must have been all those greens and cone’ bread! Thanks for letting ME be the one to end the night – you did good!

MT – is this the show you always loved!?!?!? ahh.. I see. I would love to discuss but I can’t keep any of their names straight!

4 01 2009
John III

Probably the most outstanding miniseries of all time. I wonder at least monthly why I don’t own a copy myself.

7 01 2009

i cannot believe you passed on the collards. i don’t even feel like i know you! No, I do not have a pic of the EpiscaTrailer, but I will definitely get on that next time I am there.

12 01 2009

Ok …i will say it….New Years Day was 12 days ago ….almost two weeks without SOMETHING is a tad bit bad….
Just saying …

13 01 2009

Ha. My thoughts exactly Jason!

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