The New Year’s A Comin’

30 12 2008

Well it is certainly in vogue right now to post about the coming new year and resolutions and such. I might do a resolution post sometime soon or I might resolve here at the end of the year to not do that. I guess only time will tell. Resolutions are funny things (and this is not to sway anyone who has posted them or is thinking about doing it still, I have the utmost respect for the process). I have always been bad at “New Year’s Resolutions” and that of course ends up leading to a guilt filled shame spiral that ultimately sends you far off the other end of the spectrum from where you had originally resolved to go (instead of working out and getting in better shape you end up buying a Hov-A-Round chair and injecting KFC bowls of mash and mix directly into your heart). 

Mrs. M mentioned the other day about how on the Today Show one of their ‘lifestyle experts’ (how do you get that job by the way?) talked about instead of setting big goals like “I want to lose 25 pounds” you should set small achievable goals like “I’m going to not eat this Twinkie for breakfast today”. Now I see the merit in mentally feeling accomplished in saying I set a goal today and I achieved it. I don’t know if I am completely in favor of the principal behind that though. In our instant gratification lifestyle we don’t want to work for things any more (here comes the part when I sound like our grandfathers). Why don’t we want to try things that are hard anymore? I think we should set goals that are tough to achieve, we should have things to strive for, we should also do the small things along the way, but we should reach higher in our lives also.

I don’t know. Just a thought that was kicking around my brain this morning. Not actually where I thought this post was going. More this afternoon probably.




2 responses

30 12 2008

Hilarious, they are so cute!

30 12 2008

I agree about goal setting. We learned in my ADR class that statistically, those who set higher goals (like in negotiations for example) achieve better results (maybe not the exact goal, but better than those with lower expectations). Interesting.

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