This Is SportsCenter

28 12 2008

So this morning I got up and watched a hilarious hour long special that ran on ESPN last night that was basically every one of the great commercials they have done over the years (the ones with mascots, athletes, anchors, etc…). A few of my favorites include Evander Holyfield looking to fight Charley Steiner, the one when Mr. Met finds out that someone was talking about his wife, and the one where Bill Bradley interviews to be a SportsCenter anchor. I am sure you can probably YouTube a lot of these (or maybe at the ESPN site) but it was certainly fun to watch. 

Speaking of ESPN the girls got some wicked cool new chairs for Christmas and have been finding moments to enjoy them. One such moment was this morning when I put them in them while I had a cup of coffee and watched SportsCenter. They really seemed to enjoy it (pictures below for proof). Hope you’ve had a good Saturday, we certainly have.



H: Can you believe the Celtics won 19 in a row and then dropped two right here are Christmas time?

L: Yeah thanks a lot for that little ‘gift’. I took a bath from the action over those two. I’m thinking about changing my phone number so my bookie can’t reach me for a while.

H: Well you know I’ve always warned you about gambling on basketball…you gotta go for the sure thing…the ponies!

L: You are so right…how did you get so wise?

H: It’s taken me years…you’ll get there one day too.




6 responses

28 12 2008

CUTE !!! Babies talking about gambling….Ahhhhh

28 12 2008
Your Wife

I had no idea you were so hilarious. To bad the girls CAN’T watch MY favorite show, Sex and the City… maybe when they are 56

28 12 2008

but they can watch LOST! fill their little minds with confusing metaphors and mysteries. perhaps they’ll be the ones to figure out what the four-toed statue is all about…

… wait. LOST starts back next month.

(head explodes)

28 12 2008

Indeed it does Mr Lucas

28 12 2008

I love bumbo seats. Silas has one too. The pictures are really cute.

28 12 2008

ROFL! Love the baby dialogue.

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