O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

20 12 2008

Earlier this week or last both E and J posted some pics of their respective Christmas trees and some of their favorite and most meaningful ornaments on them. I like that idea so I am now doing the same. I will say I could take a picture of every ornament on our tree and it would be sentimental, but I am going to highlight a few here that I especially like. Enjoy!

img_0191This Santa Claus ornament is my original “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament (you can see the 78 just to the right of St. Nick) and I daresay it is certainly the oldest on our tree.

img_0192This is a double shot of two special ornaments. The one of the left is “Our First Christmas” that was a gift from my parents right after Laura and I were married. The light blue one on the right is the first gift that I ever received from Laura and she got it on a mission trip to South Dakota that she went on the summer we met. The ornament was made by native potters of the Lakota Sioux tribe.

img_0193Some of you may have something similar to this adorning your tree. This was a gift from Mr. J-Mac’s mother back in the Days of Lot days. 

img_0195I have had several people ask me “Why do you have a razorback on your tree?” Now I can only assume this question is asked in reference to me being a fan of another SEC school. Well this ornament has been in our family for many years for two reasons: 1) my uncle attended and graduated from the University of Arkansas and 2) my grandparents lived in Arkansas for many years and I believe the ornament came from them.

img_0196Every year our favorite little corporate coffee cabana puts out  a new Christmas ornament and we have gotten ourselves in the habit of collecting them. We have several but I believe this picture represents the first one we bought. 


Seriously everyone should have a sock monkey on their tree, if you don’t you should DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and go right now and get one.

img_0198Another dated ornament, this was from Mrs. Hudson’s 2nd grade class of 1985. Laura has one that is basically exactly like this from 1992 from 3rd grade.

img_0199This ornament is from 1983 probably kindergarten.

img_0200While the ornament is fairly new (from a staff Christmas party a couple years ago) the character is a classic from my childhood. The picture doesn’t entirely do it justice, this is a FANCY Yoda!

img_0203And finally, the big picture. This is our tree this year. We originally put it up in the living room but realized that we couldn’t enjoy it as much because we spend most of our evening time in the den, so after it was fully decorated and FULL of water we decided to move it. I am pleased to report that we did not break any ornaments or spill one drop of water. Pine needles were shed but alas its a dying tree that’s what happens. 

Tell us about your tree.

Merry Christmas to all!




5 responses

21 12 2008

Merry and Bright !! And of course I have a sock monkey ..

21 12 2008

The tree is beautiful AND I completely think it’s worth the hassle of moving the tree into a room where you can enjoy it!
Also, I love the starbucks ornament! I didn’t know they did that.

On a completely unrelated note: Mr. H made a recent request on his blog about adding RSS feed for comments and he specifically called some people out to add it. You aren’t on the list because he somehow already miraculously has an rss feed to your comments. But, I don’t and it looks like its no longer an option. I would like to add you & Mrs. LM to the request list.

21 12 2008

I love the razorback. 🙂 Glad you did this post!

23 12 2008

Love the tree. I didn’t get to decorate anything anywhere for Christmas this year due to the obscene amount of traveling, so that was a little sad.

24 12 2008
Nancy Mielke

Lovely tree! Mine is a Christmas Tree is a palm tree!

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