A Big Waste of Time

15 12 2008

**So I went back and browsed through the post that was previously in this space and I was ashamed at how silly and pointless it was so I deleted it. I don’t know what has me on this ‘posting high-horse’ today but here I sit saddled and all. In keeping with the blog title I thought I would instead pass along a couple of links of things that are great wastes of time that I actually do support.


HULU – If you have not visited the HULU site before I encourage you to do so at your ealrliest convenience. This is THE portal for online television viewing. It is free, even the account that you can sign up for is free, and allows you to view TV shows, movies, and much more from such great networks as NBC, Fox, Comedy Central, and much more. Missed last night’s Daily Show or Colbert? Catch it on HULU. They also have such must see favorites as The Office, 30 Rock, Kitchen Nightmares, SNL (fairly deep archives here), and many more. Well worth a waste of your time.


Scrabble on Facebook – While I believe most of the applications on Facebook to be a colossal waste of space and time (not to mention on verging on the annoying factor that MySpace seems to have cornered the market on) I have found this one to be quite worth it. You can create a game and play with anyone on your friends list (up to 4 people) in a turn based scenario that alerts you when you sign on and it is your turn. This can be good over a long period of time as you wait on your friends to take their turn, or you can use it in an office scenario where people can check and play frequently (or so I’ve heard).


Facebook – In general this is always a time tested and well approved waster of your precious time. Nothing more really needs to be said. I think you all know.


Pop Candy – As the tagline says “Unwrapping pop culture’s hip and hidden treasures”. This website introduced to me by my friend The Coffee Man has provided lots of great nuggets about various pop culture things. The best part is that there is typically a daily run down list of links to a smattering of what you need to know (anything from websites about beards to what 80’s Cult Classic movies should be remade to info on all your favorite TV shows). This is another great daily check in.

So that is all I have for now. My name is Mr.  M. and I approve these wastes of time.




4 responses

15 12 2008

I was going to comment on the a for mentioned deleted post. I love Dave Matthews and how he is in “Don’t Mess with the Zohan” I really like the song Grey Blue Eyes as that is perfectly fitting for Baby Bean

15 12 2008

playing Scrabble while at work??

what a colossal waste of resources!

15 12 2008

Lane is I dare say OBSESSED with HULU. In fact, I doubt we even really need cable anymore when you combine HULU with netflix. I think we only keep it to feed my 24 hour cable news network addictions.

I thought they deleted that facebook scrabble thing? Scrabulous or something right? I remember having friends who had actual mental breakdowns when that happened?

16 12 2008
Mary Tyler S,

Can’t believe you deleted. Wuss

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