Wannabe Top Chef

13 12 2008

As stated on Wednesday Mrs. M and I celebrated three wonderful years of marriage. As a treat for the both of us, and with children making going out not so easy, I decided to cook us a nice dinner. I went to our neighborhood Fresh Market and got all the goods to prepare ‘steak oscar’. Basically you have a filet on a bed of asparagus topped with crabmeat and bearnaise sauce. As a wannabe foodie I was well pleased with how it all turned out especially the fact that I broiled the steaks in the oven (something I have never done before). Below are a couple pictures of the finished product.




4 responses

13 12 2008

UM. Submit recipe to Mr. H immediately please. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

That looks awesome.

13 12 2008

Good Job my friend!!

13 12 2008
Mary Tyler S,

YUM-O!!!! Looks awesome! Nice post the recipe 🙂

14 12 2008

This meal was AMAZING… but love how could you forget to post the picture of dessert!!!!???

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