A Postly Mostly for Mr. H

8 12 2008


Mr. H recently has been doing some good legwork on the whole Auburn coaching drama over the last few days. As a Dad who spends a good amount of time in the car each day I find myself pulled towards the blackhole that is local sportstalk radio (it is a lot like another certain radio show R&B that makes me want to peel my scalp back just so my teeth can have easier access to eating my own brain…it is that maddeningly idiotic). On most of these shows lately it has been a mix of fervor leading up to the SEC championship/let down at having to play Utah in the Sugar Bowl and also the Auburn situation.

Below are a few names that are commonly being floated right now and my thoughts on them:


Jimbo Fisher (Coordinator and Coach in Waiting at Florida State)-Sure Jimbo (first of all do we REALLY want a coach named Jimbo? If the answer is yes then we might want to go ahead and order some of those camoflauge helmets that Army wore last weekend vs. Navy.) has ties to Auburn, but so does Rowdy Gaines and we aren’t asking him to come coach the team right now. Here are my two main problems with J’bo: 1) he has a 5 million dollare buyout from FSU. I think in these economic times we really should only be paying one person 5 million dollars who doesn’t actually work for us anymore. I mean I know “Yella Wood” is profitable but let’s not get carried away. and 2) Don’t get me wrong I’m sure he’s a great coach, but for being in the position that he is in at FSU I don’t know that they have done anything impressive in quite a while now. I think he is a safe pick and the wrong one.


Will Muschamp (Defensive Coordinator and Coach in Waiting at Texas)-Yes, he does bear a slight resemblance to everyone’s favorite FNL head coach and yes he does bring lots of energy and enthusiasm to the program (not to mention previous connections to the school). My problems again are two-fold: 1) If he were to come back here he could very well face some power struggle issues based on having previous connections to the school and not being able to come in and set the course as he wants it because “he’s been here before”. 2) Why would he leave Texas? He stands to inherit one of the 5 greatest jobs in college football in a few years. It’s like knowing I’m going to be President of the U.S. in a couple years, but then deciding I’d rather go be governor of Mississippi. Who does that?


Turner Gill (head coach University at Buffalo)-Turner Gill has a long pedigree with football both as a player at Nebraska, and a coach (both NFL and college). He took over a terrible Buffalo team and in 3 years took them from a 2-10 record to being MAC champions with a defeat of undefeated Ball State. I say this is the choice for Auburn. I think an outsider (none of this SEC brotherhood business) with energy and a proven record of developing programs would do nicely at this SEC school with an actual recruiting base and national attention. My only downside is I wonder how he would fare against the Wicked Nick of the West.

I think Auburn should move on Turner Gill…unless of course Steve Spurrier is still available then we should sell Samford Hall to make sure we have the money to bring him in. What better rivalry than for Auburn v. Alabama to be commandeered by “The Ole Ball Coach” and “Little Nicky”. Almost gives me chills!



3 responses

8 12 2008

America may be ready for a black President but I’m not sure Alabama is ready for a black football coach.

Not that I have a problem with this, personally; I’m just making an observation of my surroundings. Do you really think it could happen?

8 12 2008
Mary Tyler

Ima diggin Coach Gill myself. But I would love any coach named STEVE 😉

plus I think Turner is young and hot.

9 12 2008

I say the money is on Jimbo Fisher based on what I heard at QB Club tonight …but who knows !?!?!?

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