Shift Happens

2 12 2008

So I’ve been out of the posting loop lately but I’m trying to right the ship. I’ve done a good bit since I’ve last blogged. I spent 5 days in Nashville at the National Youth Workers Convention and enjoyed most of it, but was glad to be home after 5 days away from all my ladies. While I was there I was fortunate enough to get to spend time with both Mr. and Mrs. J-Mac. I also got to see Malerie P. Varlowe N.D.L. and I finally got to meet the notorious Mr. ND (it should be noted that he is not nearly as ‘notorious’ in person as he is made to be).

Thanksgiving came and went and Mrs. M and me both had some good quality time off of work to be with the babies and just relax. Saturday I put up our Christmas tree (pics forthcoming as I am at work) and we worked on getting the house all festivized for the season. I LOVE this time of year and all that comes with it; Christmas songs, busy stores, decorations, lights, food, friends, family and so much more.

While I was in Nashville I went to a seminar where the main tenet of the presentation was “Rethinking the Model of Youth Ministry” and a lot of what he talked about was that through the history of teenage culture (which had its earliest routes in the Great Depression because kids/teens were no longer working as they were taking jobs away from the adults that were already hit so hard) youth ministry has generally taken on the same shape. In the 1950’s, where youth culture really hit its stride, youth events followed a very simple format a band playing some spiritual music in a manner befitting the times to appeal to the teens, and a speaker of some notoriety (WWII hero, Sports figure, etc…) who shared about their faith. Any of this sound familiar to those of you with any knowledge of youth minsitry? That’s right it hasn’t changed much at all (except with the popularization of small groups in the mid to late 1990’s). The line that the speaker at the seminar used was “it seems like today, every youth minister I know is trying to have the greatest youth group in 1987”. When are we going to change and do things that work? When are we going to change with the world/teenagers around us? I have more about this that I want to get into in probably my next post but I want to leave you with this video. It is 8 minutes long but really worth the time if you will watch it. Shift is happening…what are your thoughts?



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2 12 2008

That video was fascinating. Thanks for sharing it. It really makes you think that Harper & Lily’s educational experience should be unrecognizable almost to our generation’s in order to be effective.

3 12 2008
Nick M.

I can’t imagine what their education will look like, but then again if we still live in Montgomery at the time maybe I can. Here’s hoping we get some overhaul (locally and federally) on the education front.

3 12 2008

So fascinating! My favorite was the part about Myspace being the 8th largest country. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this. It will be incredibly interesting to watch what changes and what (who) resists the change.

8 12 2008

I loved the video! I sure hope, as an educator, that ALL our representatives have seen this. We need to be thinking about the future of education, so that we don’t fall any farther behind other countries.

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