The New Year’s A Comin’

30 12 2008

Well it is certainly in vogue right now to post about the coming new year and resolutions and such. I might do a resolution post sometime soon or I might resolve here at the end of the year to not do that. I guess only time will tell. Resolutions are funny things (and this is not to sway anyone who has posted them or is thinking about doing it still, I have the utmost respect for the process). I have always been bad at “New Year’s Resolutions” and that of course ends up leading to a guilt filled shame spiral that ultimately sends you far off the other end of the spectrum from where you had originally resolved to go (instead of working out and getting in better shape you end up buying a Hov-A-Round chair and injecting KFC bowls of mash and mix directly into your heart). 

Mrs. M mentioned the other day about how on the Today Show one of their ‘lifestyle experts’ (how do you get that job by the way?) talked about instead of setting big goals like “I want to lose 25 pounds” you should set small achievable goals like “I’m going to not eat this Twinkie for breakfast today”. Now I see the merit in mentally feeling accomplished in saying I set a goal today and I achieved it. I don’t know if I am completely in favor of the principal behind that though. In our instant gratification lifestyle we don’t want to work for things any more (here comes the part when I sound like our grandfathers). Why don’t we want to try things that are hard anymore? I think we should set goals that are tough to achieve, we should have things to strive for, we should also do the small things along the way, but we should reach higher in our lives also.

I don’t know. Just a thought that was kicking around my brain this morning. Not actually where I thought this post was going. More this afternoon probably.


This Is SportsCenter

28 12 2008

So this morning I got up and watched a hilarious hour long special that ran on ESPN last night that was basically every one of the great commercials they have done over the years (the ones with mascots, athletes, anchors, etc…). A few of my favorites include Evander Holyfield looking to fight Charley Steiner, the one when Mr. Met finds out that someone was talking about his wife, and the one where Bill Bradley interviews to be a SportsCenter anchor. I am sure you can probably YouTube a lot of these (or maybe at the ESPN site) but it was certainly fun to watch. 

Speaking of ESPN the girls got some wicked cool new chairs for Christmas and have been finding moments to enjoy them. One such moment was this morning when I put them in them while I had a cup of coffee and watched SportsCenter. They really seemed to enjoy it (pictures below for proof). Hope you’ve had a good Saturday, we certainly have.



H: Can you believe the Celtics won 19 in a row and then dropped two right here are Christmas time?

L: Yeah thanks a lot for that little ‘gift’. I took a bath from the action over those two. I’m thinking about changing my phone number so my bookie can’t reach me for a while.

H: Well you know I’ve always warned you about gambling on basketball…you gotta go for the sure thing…the ponies!

L: You are so right…how did you get so wise?

H: It’s taken me years…you’ll get there one day too.


25 12 2008

I hope you all have had a most wonderful and blessed Christmas. I know we sure have.


O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

20 12 2008

Earlier this week or last both E and J posted some pics of their respective Christmas trees and some of their favorite and most meaningful ornaments on them. I like that idea so I am now doing the same. I will say I could take a picture of every ornament on our tree and it would be sentimental, but I am going to highlight a few here that I especially like. Enjoy!

img_0191This Santa Claus ornament is my original “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament (you can see the 78 just to the right of St. Nick) and I daresay it is certainly the oldest on our tree.

img_0192This is a double shot of two special ornaments. The one of the left is “Our First Christmas” that was a gift from my parents right after Laura and I were married. The light blue one on the right is the first gift that I ever received from Laura and she got it on a mission trip to South Dakota that she went on the summer we met. The ornament was made by native potters of the Lakota Sioux tribe.

img_0193Some of you may have something similar to this adorning your tree. This was a gift from Mr. J-Mac’s mother back in the Days of Lot days. 

img_0195I have had several people ask me “Why do you have a razorback on your tree?” Now I can only assume this question is asked in reference to me being a fan of another SEC school. Well this ornament has been in our family for many years for two reasons: 1) my uncle attended and graduated from the University of Arkansas and 2) my grandparents lived in Arkansas for many years and I believe the ornament came from them.

img_0196Every year our favorite little corporate coffee cabana puts out  a new Christmas ornament and we have gotten ourselves in the habit of collecting them. We have several but I believe this picture represents the first one we bought. 


Seriously everyone should have a sock monkey on their tree, if you don’t you should DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and go right now and get one.

img_0198Another dated ornament, this was from Mrs. Hudson’s 2nd grade class of 1985. Laura has one that is basically exactly like this from 1992 from 3rd grade.

img_0199This ornament is from 1983 probably kindergarten.

img_0200While the ornament is fairly new (from a staff Christmas party a couple years ago) the character is a classic from my childhood. The picture doesn’t entirely do it justice, this is a FANCY Yoda!

img_0203And finally, the big picture. This is our tree this year. We originally put it up in the living room but realized that we couldn’t enjoy it as much because we spend most of our evening time in the den, so after it was fully decorated and FULL of water we decided to move it. I am pleased to report that we did not break any ornaments or spill one drop of water. Pine needles were shed but alas its a dying tree that’s what happens. 

Tell us about your tree.

Merry Christmas to all!

7 Months of Babies

17 12 2008

First of all let me say I can’t begin to tell you how much I love these babies. That’s all just wanted to say that. I LOVE THEM!! 🙂

I haven’t posted anything baby related in a while and I know you usually get your H & L fix from my beautiful wife, but they’re my babies too and I’ll post ’em if I want to. As Mrs. M stated recently they girls turned 7 months yesterday. It has been a wonderful 7 months and they have grown SO MUCH. I submit as exhibits A, B, C, and D the below pictures that we have taken most of the months in the chair to help chart their growth. 

(A note on the order: month 1 they were still in the hospital, month 3 we forgot to take and month 7 is yet to be taken as we do it towards the end of the month)

2nd Month


4th Month


5th Month


6th Month


How about that for super-precious-baby-awesome-amazing-beautifuliciousness!

A Big Waste of Time

15 12 2008

**So I went back and browsed through the post that was previously in this space and I was ashamed at how silly and pointless it was so I deleted it. I don’t know what has me on this ‘posting high-horse’ today but here I sit saddled and all. In keeping with the blog title I thought I would instead pass along a couple of links of things that are great wastes of time that I actually do support.


HULU – If you have not visited the HULU site before I encourage you to do so at your ealrliest convenience. This is THE portal for online television viewing. It is free, even the account that you can sign up for is free, and allows you to view TV shows, movies, and much more from such great networks as NBC, Fox, Comedy Central, and much more. Missed last night’s Daily Show or Colbert? Catch it on HULU. They also have such must see favorites as The Office, 30 Rock, Kitchen Nightmares, SNL (fairly deep archives here), and many more. Well worth a waste of your time.


Scrabble on Facebook – While I believe most of the applications on Facebook to be a colossal waste of space and time (not to mention on verging on the annoying factor that MySpace seems to have cornered the market on) I have found this one to be quite worth it. You can create a game and play with anyone on your friends list (up to 4 people) in a turn based scenario that alerts you when you sign on and it is your turn. This can be good over a long period of time as you wait on your friends to take their turn, or you can use it in an office scenario where people can check and play frequently (or so I’ve heard).


Facebook – In general this is always a time tested and well approved waster of your precious time. Nothing more really needs to be said. I think you all know.


Pop Candy – As the tagline says “Unwrapping pop culture’s hip and hidden treasures”. This website introduced to me by my friend The Coffee Man has provided lots of great nuggets about various pop culture things. The best part is that there is typically a daily run down list of links to a smattering of what you need to know (anything from websites about beards to what 80’s Cult Classic movies should be remade to info on all your favorite TV shows). This is another great daily check in.

So that is all I have for now. My name is Mr.  M. and I approve these wastes of time.

Wannabe Top Chef

13 12 2008

As stated on Wednesday Mrs. M and I celebrated three wonderful years of marriage. As a treat for the both of us, and with children making going out not so easy, I decided to cook us a nice dinner. I went to our neighborhood Fresh Market and got all the goods to prepare ‘steak oscar’. Basically you have a filet on a bed of asparagus topped with crabmeat and bearnaise sauce. As a wannabe foodie I was well pleased with how it all turned out especially the fact that I broiled the steaks in the oven (something I have never done before). Below are a couple pictures of the finished product.