Jason’s Car Post

22 11 2008

Jason posted on his blog about the various vehicles in his life over the course of his being a driver and he encouraged us to do the same. I am in Nashville until Monday and just got back to the hotel room and decided I would take a few minutes to share with you the vehicular odyssey of my life. For some of you this will be silly memories and to the others who didn’t previously know about some of these all I can say is don’t judge! 🙂

My first car from 16 years of age until I graduated from college was a 1989 Mercury Tracer Hatchback. Those of you who know this car know it fondly as “The T-Racer” She was a good (mostly) dependable car that did have a few small hiccups, like the wheel falling off at 80 miles per hour. You know it happens sometimes. 


After I graduated from college and got a ‘real job’ my first order of business was to replace The T-Racer with something that I deemed to be much cooler. This is when I bought my 2001 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. I wanted this car for about a year before I actually had the chance to buy it. Her name was Eleanor.


When we traded Eleanor in on Laura’s 2007 Jetta (also a Wolfsburg I might add) I drove her old car for just a little while, but I will not post about the Alero for it should be in her upcoming post about the rides of her life. When the time came for the Alero to go I got something I had wanted for a long time. A pickup truck. I bought a used 2003 Toyota Tundra: Terminator 3 Limited Edition (yes it is real, no I did not buy it because of that). They only made 850 of this limited edition vehicle. The key features that set it apart are the custom grill, T3 badging, custom exhaust, and interior trim touches. 


Now that you’ve seen the vehicles that have been key in the formative years of my life thus far allow me now to share with you a couple of other “winners” from my families past (heavy emphasis on the sarcasm of the ‘winners’ line). 

First as a child I remember my parents bought this terribly ugly Colt Vista Wagon (made by Dodge if I am not mistaken). This would seemingly set the precedent for one of our later candidates. 


Through jr. high and high school my parents had their mini-van kick (it tends to happen with 3 kids I hear, I need to watch out I’m only one shy right now). They bought two, succesively, of these slightly Star Trek Landing Shuttle’esque Mazda MPV vans. Come to think of it the Star Trek look is probably the reason why my dad bought this one.


And finally, no story of the vehicles of my family would be complete without the Pontiac Aztek. That’s right I said it, my parents were one of the three people in America that bought always appeared to be a mini-van humping a doorstop. And just in case you were wondering, YES it was yellow!


There’s really not anything else that can be said after seeing a picture like that. I hope the rest of you will do this post on your blogs too!



4 responses

22 11 2008

Are you familiar with Honda CRVs? I had one in college. The Aztec is like a supersized CRV.

23 11 2008

Wow. The wheel falling off. Oh yeah, I was there. And played golf. And remember you going back the next day to find the wheel about 3o0 yards across the highway in that lady’s cow pasture. Good times.

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