Don’t Put the Ember Out

15 11 2008

I know I am almost a week behind on this but if you haven’t watched it yet it is totally worth all of the six and a half minutes it will take. Please do yourself a favor and watch this clip. You can find the full text of the clip here if you would prefer to read it.




4 responses

15 11 2008

I am glad you posted this ….

15 11 2008

Well said KO.

18 11 2008

I mean its a nice little talk but it assumes way too much about the people voting against it. Everyone voting against it must not want equal rights and must not understand gay people. It also compares it with not letting black people marry and etc.

I dont think marriage should be based on sexual preference at all. I go further all of the time and say anyone can get married,,,gay or straight…and for that reason it descriminates against no one. It does say it cant be same sex marriage but thats based on sex…and we have lots of things based on actual sex…like bathrooms and etc. If the argument is the consenting adults then we must be ok with marrying multiple wives if they all agree its ok with them.

I honestly dont care that much about the subject but I dont like judges changing the laws for everyone for its not their place…..I also dont like people being labled for disagreeing with it…and one can for many reasons which arent that stupid….my main thing is let it be like a license and let the people vote and if they want it then let it be and if they dont then dont let it be…..thats democrazy

20 11 2008

I believe it’s your turn to update your blog. I think Harper is the spitting image of you and Lily the same of Laura.

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