Stephanie Made Me Do It

10 11 2008


Steph referred to the occasional survey thingie that comes around about every quarter or so and she decided that we need new questions. I agree completely (mostly because “What are you wearing right now?” not only isn’t helpful but also rings of how most episodes of “To Catch A Predator” start). I am pasting the questions she asked and adding three more to the bottom of the list (as denoted by the asterisks). Feel free to do the same on your blog (both answer and add) and then we can check them and update ours with your new questions. Confused? Good. Go!

What was your favorite birthday? – (No pity needed here) So far it has not been today. I am going with 16 because I got to drive (18 was not great because I missed the election by less than a week, 21 was no big because I drank long before then). So yeah 16, four wheels and freedom baby…T-Racer style!

What is your favorite way to spend a day off? – Relaxing morning with the fam (coffee, breakfast), the afternoon out and about, and the evening capped off by cooking a great meal and time spent outside with a cold beverage and good conversation.

What is the best song to turn up all the way and sing to? – Most anything by Foo Fighters (notably these days “The Pretender”).

What television show will cause you to ignore your roommate/spouse/children/phone until the next commercial? – The Daily Show, you gotta be quick or you’ll miss something. LOST is pretty intense as far as concentration too.

When was the last time you cursed at the tv? – Easy, the last time Auburn was on (this has happened a lot more this year than I would like to admit).

If you have kids, what are you most likely to let your kids get away with when you’re tired? – At this stage of life, changing into PJ’s for sleep time. Mostly its not because of me being tired its for not wanting to stir the sleeping baby giant once they are down for the night.

Aside from major milestones, what is your best moment (to date)? – This question is more challenging than I thought it would be…I feel a separate and related post coming on.

Are you an extrovert or introvert? How do you know? – I am incredibly BOTH. I know that’s not how this works but hear me out. In high school I was VERY shy and did not come out of my shell a whole lot unless I was around people I knew really well. That part of me has changed greatly but I am still likely in a crowd of unknown people to not be the one to strike up every (if any sometimes) conversations. As soon as I am in a place of comfort though…look out. I love to make people laugh and thus that fuels my need to either be in on every conversation, make a ‘witty’ remark, or just generally attempt to entertain.  The funny part to me is that I SO didn’t used to be like that. My high school me would not know the now me.

*What is your single biggest pet peeve that you see in other drivers (as in you are not in the car with them)? – Mine by far is smoking with the windows UP. And if you have a child in the car with you, OH MY DOD, I am likely to run you off the road just to break a window and liberate that poor trapped soul.

*What is a fashion trend or item that you really admire on other people but would never dare to try? – I like the skinny modern suits that some guys pull off (movie star/musician types)

*If you go to college again right now and major in anything you wanted and follow up with another something what would it be? – I would definitely go Political Science and Law School




6 responses

10 11 2008

Well happy b’day to you too! I remember the T Racer. Wow a lifetime ago it feels like! Hope you have a good day.

10 11 2008

First, happy birthday.

Second, I could major in psychology or English and be a happy woman. I really could study them just for fun,if only I was independently wealthy.

Third, I like drastic hairstyles on other people, but I don’t ever want to take the time or buy the styling products necessary to pull them off, so I never do it myself.

Fourth, driving slow in the left lane will make me need to cuss at you.

10 11 2008
Mary Tyler

Tell Mi’Milky to get you a skinny suit! BRACK YACK!

10 11 2008

Happy Birthday Nick 🙂

10 11 2008

Indeed, happy birthday. If I ever see that Maserati with the doors open and the keys in it, I’ll… well, let’s be honest, I’ll sell it and pay off my education. But I would definitely buy you something nice if there’s money left over.

Also, posted your stuff on my blog.

12 11 2008

Working on mine right now. 🙂

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