Dear Birthday Fairy

7 11 2008

My birthday is just around the corner and its kind of a big one. I don’t typically make a “birthday list” but I have found something that I really really want. I know I shouldn’t be asking for anything I mean after all I got the best present ever last Tuesday when this guy became our next President but still I do have one wish. I would like one of these…


I am sure one of you out there can make my happy little day by making this happen. Thanks in advance!




5 responses

7 11 2008
Mary Tyler

Comin right up.

7 11 2008

I am gonna get you the bridge in the background!!
Enjoy !

8 11 2008

I’ve got the water covered!

8 11 2008

Oh. This will not make you feel good, but I have to tell you anyway.

I drive behind this car maybe once a week on/on the way to campus. My office is close to the fraternity houses, and the guy who drives it is part of one of those. He is like 18 and he drives SO SLOW. And every time, I want to get out of my car and say “Excuse me, the economy is bad, and the car you are driving could pay off not only my car, but also my graduate education. Either sell it right now and put that money into savings for your future or DRIVE FASTER.” Seriously.

Sorry. Just had to get that out.

10 11 2008

Hey, I will take care of a couple of rocks for the road that it is on. You know I only have a teacher salary and all.

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