Why I am Voting for Change

4 11 2008


Today is election day. A couple of weeks ago Mr. Lucas gave all of us in our blogging circle a homework assignment. This is my submission:

Today I am voting for Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden for President and Vice President of the United States of America. My reasons for my choice are many and I will probably not get anywhere near talking about all of them, but I do want to hit some of the highlights. First and foremost I am a Democrat. My political and social views of the world and the issues that face our country most line up with this party. I consider myself very open minded and more than willing to listen to the opinions of others and having had many conversations with many people over the years I am certain in my alignment with the Democratic party. 

I do take issue with the fact that in this country over the last almost 30 years (I really am starting to get old) that the common belief is that the Republican Party is the Christian party, and the Democratic party is filled with heathens who want to raise your taxes, kill babies, and take guns away. There is no one side that is right and there is no one side that is wrong. We are all right, we are all wrong. 

I think I got off track.

Senator Obama signifies change in our country (now technically Senator McCain would be change also because unless George Bush gets a third term anything is going to be a change). Our country is in need of this breath of fresh air. Senator Obama is young and idealistic. He has a vision for our country that sees it returning to a prominence on the world stage that it hasn’t seen in many many years. Our country was for years the greatest in the world, and over the course of time (through many varied events) it has lost some of that shine that it once had. Senator Obama wants to meet with the leaders of the world to attempt to repair the fractured relationships that have been damaged. Instead of bullying our way into getting what we want he wants to try something that hasn’t been tried in a while, diplomacy. 

Senator Obama cares to see healthcare reform in this country. With 47 million uninsured people in our country (a great deal of them children) we need a change that can improve this system and provide access for those who truly need it. Senator Obama wants to help the middle-class in America. As the backbone of our country, the middle-class, are the ones that often deal with the greatest struggles as far as taxation and other day-to-day things like insurance and much more. By increasing taxes on those that make $250,000 or more that allows for tax cuts for those that most need it. The saying goes “to those that much is given much is expected” and I think this is very appropriate. As a member of the middle-class and a recipient of some of the potential cuts that could be instituted I can honestly say that if I were in the upper percentile of those who make above 250K I would be glad to pay my extra share as I would be aware of my ability to do so. 

Our country has the potential to be so much greater than it is. What we need at this time in history is a person with vision and energy that can renew the vigor that our country once had. We can be so much greater than we are and I believe that Senator Barack Obama provides us with the best chance to achieve that aim. Four years ago I watched Senator Obama give his keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention and for those 20 minutes or so I was captivated by a hope (yes I said it, and it really is not cliche…it is what every one of us Democrat or Republican clings to) of an America that can be what the forefathers envisioned. An America that reaches out to its tired, its poor, its huddled masses. An America that helps the world not bullies it. An America that others can turn to for shelter in times of tumult and distress. Senator Obama brings real hope of real change. Many want to say that those of us that are supporting him are being fooled and that we are naive. I don’t believe that. I believe that he is the best candidate for the job. And that is why…

Today November 4th, 2008 I cast my vote for Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden.




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4 11 2008

Love, I am excited to be sharing in this exciting time in history and for our country with you and our babies. Have a great day.

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