Back From the Lake

24 10 2008

I got back from Lake Junaluska last night and it was so wonderful to be home with Mrs. M and the two most beautiful baby girls you have ever seen. 

Today is dedicated to being lazy. The girls are just resting (Harper seems to be a little under the weather), and Mrs. M and her sis are hanging out around the house talking and taking care of the girls. I am laying in the bed (with a little heat on my sore back) and generally wasting time on the computer and of course watching WW. It is a grey windy day in the fall and in my opinion it is glorious.

Last night gave me the final confirmation that I needed that this year is just not going to be Auburn’s year. We played WV like we have played most everyone else this year, not very well. I was most amazed by our inability to tackle ANYONE. Oh well, I guess as long as we win the last one we can spend the spring and summer getting ready to go again next fall. War Eagle anyhow!

and finally…

I came across the following video this morning and thought it was kind of fun (even if you don’t agree with it it is kind of nostalgic).




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