Old School IM

12 10 2008

I remember being in college at “We Don’t Have a Good Fight Song U” and how with our newly provided Gateway Computers (mine was a Pentium 133…Jealous?) and unlimited access to the intrawebs via network connection, we thought we had it made. One of the key things that every computer saavy college co-ed had to have was Instant Messenger (AOL version of course). The other thing you had to have was Napster (pre-controversy) and Winamp, but that is not as important to this post. Everyone who was anyone had Instant Messenger (IM) and was basically logged on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The one exception to this was a certain fellow student of mine who sold his WDHAGFSU Comp and used the money for video games and trips to Burger King (seriously he did). IM allowed its users to be in ‘constant contact’ with those who you were close to (or in some cases those whom you hoped to become close to…mostly those of the opposite sex). IM was also helpful if you and your roommate were in the room, sitting at your respective computers, and someone was visiting that you wished would leave and you could proceed to say snarky things about them and hope they didn’t catch on (some people did that…I ummm…heard they did…yeah that’s the ticket). IM for all its glories was wrought with one major problem, you could quite often not detect the tone of the conversation you were having with your counterpart at the other end of the ‘series of tubes’ that is known as the web. I got in more arguments than I would like to remember, with friends and others, because someone took something the wrong way because they didn’t hear the dripping sarcasm in a comment I wrote (What? Me? Sarcastic?….NOOOOOOO!!!). IM was no substitute for a good old fashioned sitting on the curb outside of IHOP until two in the morning “philosoph-a-thon” where you and your closest friends solved most all of the worlds problems.

Why, you are probably asking, is he droning on and on about this almost forgotten technology nugget (what with your text messages, GChats, and all)? I will tell you why. In recent days I have allowed myself to get caught up in someone else’s nonsense (blogs, comments, what have you…). The worst part about the whole thing is that I let it happen. 

Again you are asking why I am writing this. I am not going to blog anymore about politics until the election is over and we know the direction our country is headed. I love discussing these things with those who are able to have a conversation (as opposed to a word war) and then when it is all said and done move on to other topics (such as the merits of why “bears beats Battlestar Galactica”). I will continue to have these discussions with those that want to have them but I won’t do it anywhere but in person. I need to be able to hear a voice and have mine heard as well. There is too much in life that is important, not to take away importance from this monumental election that is looming near, to get caught up in arguing for the sake of arguing and I’m not going to do it.

Most of you don’t care, some of you might be relieved, a few of you might be thinking “He posted about politics? I thought all he did was quote West Wing and pretend like he knew what he was talking about.” Whatever you thought, I leave you with those thoughts and I am moving forward.




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13 10 2008
The Bean

This is for your most previous post……

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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