I Stink at Blogging

25 09 2008

(this picture has no meaning other than when I did a Google image search for ‘bad blogger’ this is what it brought back)

Seriously. I really do. Anyone have any suggestions?



5 responses

25 09 2008
Mary Tyler

Pics of M&Ms?

25 09 2008

i’m using that picture as the logo for Annual Conference.

25 09 2008

Yes. Blog more often.

26 09 2008

sometimes i inexplicably chain smoke, much like that chicken. also, the last time i updated my blog sarah palin’s daughter was a virgin. ZING!!!!!! HI-OH!!!!!!!!!!! so at least you’re beating me.

27 09 2008

I enjoy reading your blog man. In the words of Luke Lucas, just Dowhatitdo.

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